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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Comic Book Based Movies

Original Lone Ranger & Tonto
We often hear sayings that are loaded with wisdom but ignore them because after all they are only based on historical precedence.  Here is a few in case you haven’t heard any lately: 
  • “Leave the world a better place than you found it.” 
  • “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
  • “If you can’t improve on something, leave it alone.”
  • “Don’t ruin a good thing.”
  • “It’s not always about money.”
  • “Something’s can’t be improved.”
Who amongst us likes to admit being wrong.  Not me! But I will admit to being a little over confident and trusting.  Ultimate Hog Heaven, Posted June 12, 2013:
I was exuberant about the promise that the year 2013 was going to be so great for many of my comic book heroes.  Remakes of comic book characters were being advertised as the bigger and better productions for all of the fans from the early years.
Well, I will admit that the effort was not only not impressive, but in fact a disaster for the most part.  Let start with the Lone Ranger and make comparisons to times gone by:  Johnny Depp and Jay Silverheels one character you could look up to and the other was laughable.  In the original, the main character was the Lone Ranger with Tonto as a very strong second.  In the remake:  the main character is Tonto even if he is supposed to be mentally ill.  The Lone Ranger doesn’t even rate a second or third place in the lineup.  The silver bullet concept of the original series was reduced to one silver bullet period.  The trusty horse Silver hardly rates a mention in the whole movie.  Some images like words, once released can’t ever be undone.  In all honesty I couldn’t differentiate between the Captain Jack Sparrow and Tonto characters.
Many of the Comic Book Characters that I grew up with were meant to be taken serious.  Big time money investors in the film industry need to stay true to what the fans want:  They should make up their minds and make comedies or improve on the legends that we grew up with.  Finally as a true Aficionado of the Comic Book Era that I grew up with, I would give this Lone Ranger effort three thumbs down, but I only have two hands.  The best is yet to come……


  1. Honestly, I have no recollection of the Lone Ranger as a comic book character. I DO remember the TV series. Yep, the movie was nothing like the TV series. Did you expect it to be?

    1. Dell Comics published the Lone Ranger in the 1950's. Call me foolish but I had great expectations. If the story line and characters are going to be changed so dramatically you should give the finished product a different title, and not sell it as a remake. There should only be so much leeway with poetic license.