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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ultimate Hog Heaven

Man of Steel

  • “Man of Steel” flies into theaters Friday hoping to reinvent Superman for a new era, no small feat for the original superhero, a character who debuted in the pages of “Action Comics” No. 1 in 1938 and celebrates his 75th anniversary this year. Filmmaker David S. Goyer teamed with his “Dark Knight” trilogy collaborator Christopher Nolan on the story and wrote the screenplay for the Zack Snyder-directed movie, and Goyer recently spoke to Hero Complex about the project — its incredibly high stakes, his detailed approach to writing the script and why Superman matters to so many people (and maybe something about “Justice League” too).

For all the people in my generation that grew up reading comic books and day dreaming about what direction the story line would take on the next issue and beyond, this is our year.  All those years of watching inferior production quality super heroes on the small screen and I do mean small screen, this is our moment.  Many special movies have been made for some time now, but never so many blockbusters all in one year.

Various incarnations of Batman, have passed through, likewise Superman with Christopher Reeves, Spiderman, and this year I personally am having a banner year.  The best ever of Ironman already came out this year, Man of Steel is being released this summer, The Lone Ranger, and others on the way.

  • Six Texas Rangers, including brothers Dan and John Reid, were tracking a gang of desperadoes led by the notorious Butch Cavadish. The rangers were lured into a canyon, and ambushed. Except for young John Reid, They were all slaughtered. Reid managed to crawl to safety near a water hole where he was later found and nursed back to health by a friendly Indian named Tonto. Tonto remembered Reid, who had once saved Tonto himself. "You kemo sabe," said Tonto; "it mean 'trusty scout.'" Tonto now vowed to stay with him as the "lone" Ranger vowed to avenge the deaths of his brother and their comrades. This is the story of one of the most mysterious characters to appear in the early days of the west. He was a fabulous individual. A man whose presence brought fear to the lawless and hope to those who wanted to make this frontier land their home. He was known as The Lone Ranger.

If I was in charge of marketing new films, I would make a commercial showing a bunch of baby boomers buying tickets, and walking into the theater.  After the film I would show a film shot of a bunch of 8 thru 13 year olds walking out wearing the same outfits.  I know for sure that I will feel that way when I walk out after watching my favorite heroes on the big screen.  I do mean big screen, I plan to watch my super heroes on IMAX Screens.

My mind was enhanced from reading all those comics back in my early years.  My reading skills were also sharpened by my exposure to comic books. Because all the comic book heroes were always well mannered, I know that my attitude and behavior was shaped in part due to the story lines that I followed for so many years.  I am very much looking forward to this summer at the movies.  Hope to see you there.  Just in case my wife reads this post; I am also planning to go with her to watch some romantic films this summer.  The best is yet to come….

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