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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dinosaur Destiny

Dinosaur Destiny
For many years Dinosaurs ruled the earth.
  • About 230 million years ago, a group of animals called dinosaurs ruled the earth. They lived in many different habitats, from open plains to forests to the edges of swamps, lakes, and oceans.
    Dinosaurs were reptiles and most of them hatched from eggs.
  • Some dinosaurs were as tall as a five-story building, and there were others no bigger than a chicken. In between the largest and the smallest, there were dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. The dinosaurs had tough skin, some with scales or feathers. Some were armor-plated and covered with spikes.
  • The name 'dinosaur' means 'most fearsome lizard'. However, dinosaurs were not lizards, though related to them. Some scientists think that dinosaurs were more closely related to birds.
  • About 65 million years ago, it is believed that a huge meteor hit the earth, causing enormous clouds of dust to block the sun's rays so that the earth became dark and cold for a number of years. Huge tidal waves flooded low-lying land and acid rain fell. Small animals could find shelter and enough warmth and food, but the huge dinosaurs could not. They died out. ~ Sydenham, S. & Thomas, R. The Age of Dinosaurs
Based on the very short story I just related the dinosaurs lived approximately 165 million years (give or take). Now to the point of this post.  We all know from experience that nothing lasts forever.  Everything has a start and a finish (end).  What might be the cause of demise for the Human Race?  The question here is what and when, not if.
I realize as I read what I just wrote that my thinking sounds fatalistic.  Perhaps the reason for my attitude today is the kind of news articles that are going around on television and the Internet.  Just a handful of stories I saw today:
  • A confrontation in a theater while seeking entertainment and relaxation accompanied by their spouses, one man is shot dead and his wife is wounded over a texting incident inside the theater.  The 71 year-old man shot in what he felt was self-defense as he felt threatened by the much younger 40 something dead victim. 
  • On another news article a dash-cam shows a car in front swerving all over the street, crossing street traffic divider lines and eventually jumping the curve, and hitting a tree, and light pole before the car flipped over on its top.  The driver didn’t die but he could have and he might have killed pedestrians on the sidewalk.  This accident happened because the man was texting and driving.
  • A school shooting incident in a New Mexico school left two teenagers 14 and 13 years old wounded, and the shooter a 13 year old was arrested,  The cause?  Witnesses said the shooter was being bullied in school.  
  • Neiman Marcus said over the weekend that cards of some customers had been used fraudulently, but provided little additional information.  The announcement follows a breach at Target that could become the largest in U.S. retail history. The discount retailer acknowledged Friday that up to 110 million customers were affected.

Many people that have never been affected by computer hacking have no idea of the level of disruption that their lives are in for.  We can’t just sit around passively waiting for something or someone to reach out and start destroying our lives.  You can help yourself by being more aware of your surrounding when out and about.  Avoid confrontations with strangers if at all possible.  Check your credit card statements every month looking for irregularities.  Remember always that the only time you win in a confrontation is when you get to go home unhurt with and to your family. 
Will the human race require a large meteorite to strike the earth or will we self-destruct from our technological advances?  The best is yet to come….

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