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Monday, January 6, 2014

Mr. In-Between

Family Responsibility
When I was very young my parents separated and soon after divorced.  However, you would know that if you have been following this Blog for the last year.  See Post “Father and Son Reunion" 5/20/2013:
All of us if, we are lucky, will have the opportunity to divide our time between spending time with our children, and our parents.  Since this transition, I’ve lost both my parents over ten years ago.  I now spend a lot of effort reaching out and facilitating the together time required to maintain strong family ties.
When our children were babies growing up, I maintained a very busy work schedule.  I suppose that we do what it takes to keep them well fed, clothe, healthy and happy.  Yet I always made quality time for each child and especially tailored to their likes and wants.  One child was into Wrestling (Hulk Hogan), another one was into comic books, another into music, and yet another went to breakfast with me and my best friend every Friday morning (plus sports involvement).  I may not have had all the time in the world, but what there was, was special.
Today with all my children grown up and some with families of their own, I dedicate more of my time to grandchildren, and meeting with each of my children on a regular basis.  Rather than have them do what I did, which was to make my time available to meet with my parents, I once again and still, am flexing my schedule.  I stay in contact with my children, and corner them for a breakfast or lunch, their mother is at work.  Whenever possible we meet for those meals on the weekend so my wife can join us.  Some of this get together efforts include out of town drives, but enjoyable ones.
Don’t let that precious commodity (time or the lack of it) interrupt the family continuity.  At the end of the day nothing lost is more precious than the family unity, and memories made while spending time together.
When my parents passed away, I moved out from being Mr. In-Between, and concentrating all of my time to my immediate family, and friends.  I try to avoid being selfish by not devoting large blocks of time to my personal interests outside of family.  Even the time I spend writing, I do from the comfort of my properly equipped home office.  I often enjoy a road trip (approximately 4 times a year), and some family time visiting siblings in Southern California at least once per year (by air).
If you are in good health and able to meet your family (children) better than half way with regards to maintaining communications, I promise you that it will be time well spent.  The best is yet to come…..

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