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Saturday, December 31, 2022

A Time To Reflect

A Time To Reflect

  As if to say, another year has gone by.  It’s over and done. No do overs. 

 Nothing is ever final until it is. A very contradictory statements but true. When the time comes that you are no longer able to participate, then it’s final. 

 A perfect example is the present year, in this instance 2022.  At the end of this 31st day of December 2022, the year will cease to exist. Most people will simply continue into the next year as they have done so many times before. Have you ever asked yourself, is that all there is?  Just stand or lay around waiting to see what life brings your way. 

 Have you ever asked yourself, where do I see myself in five years?  If you have, have youever asked yourself, what are the steps required to get there? 
Unless you receive an inheritance or win a lotto jackpot, improving your place in life requires effort.  Even winning the lotto requires that you buy a ticket. 

 Full disclosure, the only expertise I claim, is living my own life, being happily married and being fortunate at having some great children with reasonable happiness and success. I’ve always claimed to be happy healthy and blessed. I almost forgot to mention, I do have one superpower. 

 This one talent is so rare, that it now qualifies as a superpower.  My special power is common sense. Simply being able to assess possible outcomes, from actions initiated, is a strength.

 A positive attitude is always a plus but must be tempered with a dose of reality. The adage, “if it can go wrong, it will,” has been proven correct time and again. Consider that reflection time over the year ending today is proper especially if corrections are called for to achieve future goals.  May the New Year bring you your best year yet!  The best is yet to come…