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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bucket List Minus #2

Bucket List Minus #2
2. I will go on a trip to a city 50 to 100 + miles one way by train.  
Please see Posting: Making a Bucket List (February 13, 2014)
I am happy to report that traveling by Amtrak is easier then traveling by airplane, and at least 10 times easier to make arrangements. For the record no turbulence to report, another plus.  An approximate distance of 120 miles round trip for a total cost of under $60 roundtrip Business Class (equivalent to First Class).  Luxury and comfort all the way, with no traffic bottle necks.  I was as productive as if I had stayed in my office while on the trip.  I worked on my laptop connected by the hotspot on my cell phone the whole time without interruption.
In my case there is only one negative, and that is that there was an approximate two hour delay for the return trip.  I suppose most people would have had a real purpose for the trip while my only goal was to make the trip for the sake of satisfying the Bucket List Item #2.
While the scenery was very breath taking it wasn’t anything I had not seen before.  Every once in a while a glimpse of traffic bottle necks on the freeway.  While I undoubtedly would have saved cost by driving myself, we often don’t see the savings in stress that traffic creates in us.  To any one that regularly makes the commute, I would recommend Amtrak, while the ticket price might seem costly to someone making a daily commute the benefits are priceless.  Not everyone uses their free time productively, but if you do, this is the way to go.
I’m sure you have heard the saying, “time is money.”  Well, this is the perfect example of what they are talking about.  If you are a salesman that needs to be on the telephone (safely), on a 60 mile trip one way you gain 2 hours of phone time.  How many calls can you get in two hours?  How many sales can you close in two hours?  How about computer time?  Once again two hours of time on the computer, while care free riding in luxury.  There are ample electrical plugins for your electronics.
For most salesmen on commission, one solid sale could pay your commute for the month.  At the end of the day on your commute home, you extend your work day by two hours (on a 60 mile commute).  Or if you prefer you can start relaxing the minute you sit for the trip home.  If your work is the physical type you can gain four hours per day for rest and relaxation.
The trip was very enjoyable, and I would even recommend taking a vacation trip just for the experience.  The best is yet to come…..


  1. Some years ago my mom and I took Amtrak from St. Louis, MO to Chicago, IL, then from there another Amtrak train to Reno, NV. We saw the most breathtaking scenery along the way. It took 50 hours to get there by train, but I'd much rather ride the rails than fly any day!

    1. My previous experience on a train ride was when I was five years old. That is why I decided to make it part of my short Bucket List. I'm not at the end of my life (I hope), but I felt that unless I make it a highlighted priority, it would never happen.
      I've been flying most of my life for business and pleasure, but a train ride is special. No comparison to the crowded cabin of an airplane.