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Friday, January 24, 2014

Honor, Integrity and Loyalty

Johnny Carson
I have been a loyal fan of the Tonight Show ever since I discovered The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. While I still feel that no one can replace Johnny Carson and I hated it when he announced his retirement, I supported his choice for replacement.  It’s one thing to have Carson himself anoint the person that would be his replacement, to having the head of NBC making moronic decisions for future wealth considerations. 
At present time and for a long time now, the Tonight Show with Jay Leno has been the leader in late night talk shows bar none.  You can’t possible feel that the NBC Network is replacing Jay to strengthen their position in the ratings.  They are replacing Jay with Fallon because they feel that the move amounts to an investment for future ratings with a younger host most likely to appeal to the younger viewers.  News Flash!!!!  The younger audience is most likely to be entertained by night clubbing, or Cable Networks rather than the fare offered by a Tonight Show format.  If their assumptions is true; why isn’t the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon more popular than the Tonight Show with Jay Leno?
NBC already tried to back stab Jay Leno once before with Conan O’Brien, and later fired Conan to bring back Jay Leno because the ratings had dropped and finally settled in third place amongst the competition.
What the network morons don’t realize is that we have larger numbers in Leno’s demographic audience than Fallon has in his younger demographics.  We of my generation have a great understanding of the things that matter: Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty.  Equally important I appreciate quality.  I personally will watch pre-recoded programs from earlier in the evening if I feel the desire to stay awake late.  When the network drops Jay Leno they are dropping my viewership.
This is an instance once again where the mucky mucks of television programing are ready to cram their money making ideas and plans into our viewing time.  Well sir, not to me, and not this time.  When Leno steps away for the last time, so does NBC at 11:35 weeknight as far as I am concerned.  Their biggest problem may be that I may decide to catch a different network for the 11pm news cast.  I only watched NBC because I knew that Leno followed.
I am not trying to influence your thinking, I just could not allow this travesty to go down without posting my 25 cents worth.  If Leno goes to another network, whether with a talk show or a show about his fine car collection, that is where you will find me.  I wish Mr. Leno the best because a fine individual like him will land on his feet (not to mention that he is already doing mighty well).  The best is yet to come…..

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