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Friday, February 15, 2013

Tribute to mom

Classic Beauty

My mother’s mission in life was to make sure that her children had a better life than she herself had.  During her life, my mother was married twice.  Once for love; my father was the love of her life, even though her marriage to my father only lasted 13 actual years, she loved him until the day she took her last breath.  The second time she married was to provide a real family environment to me and my little sister.  For a three years (between marriages) she was a single head of household, and maintained two jobs at times three jobs just to meet all of our needs, and many wants.  Her second husband loved her very much and she loved him, their marriage lasted about 24 years.

February 15th will always be a special day in my life.  On this day 92 years ago my mother was born.  My mother passed away in 1999, but not before she got to see her son (me) reach the level of success she wanted for me.  I adored her than as I do now, and I know that I made her proud.

At some point in life she stopped being my mother, and crossed over into being my biggest fan.  To this day I don’t know what it’s like to get in trouble with any kind of addiction, or be in trouble with the law.  All my efforts throughout life have been to make my mother proud, and I know that she was.  Every time we visited or talked on the telephone, the conversation ended with, “God Bless You Son.”  I know that all my life I’ve been blessed because she prayed for me, and today I am blessed because she looks over me!  I love you mother!!  The best is yet to come……….


  1. she is beautiful is here background italian

    1. She was a very proud and very beautiful Mexican, classy lady (my mother).

      Thank you for the compliment. She was a typical classic beauty of the era (1940's)