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Friday, February 15, 2013

Tales from the Dark Side Part 2

Tales from the Dark Side Part 2

Continued from Part 1

We went to her trailer where I was asked to seat across from her at a small round table.  She grabbed my right hand and turned it palm side up, where upon she immediately started to trace what she called my life line.  I remember staring at her face, not only for the obvious reason that she was beautiful, but as much for the fact that she had a very serious look on her face.  I felt a sense of imminent life changing information about to be disclosed about my future.  There again what could be so important about a 13 year Old’s life? 

As she continued to stare at the palm of my hand she traced the lifeline across my palm with the index finger of her right hand.  She was telling me and my company (Brother, and his wife) that my life would be uneventful growing up, that I would achieve a high level of happiness, success, and wealth, until a point at the age of 42 when I come very close to dying.  She re-assured me that I would not die, and would live a nice long life.  My brother asked her why she felt that she had to read my fortune, and she couldn’t explain it; she only said that she felt compelled to inform me.

I didn’t much sleep that night, but it was probably as much from the impression her beauty made on me than the message she shared.  However, I confess that her message haunted me for the rest of my life; obviously even though I am alive past 42, it’s still fresh on my mind.

Through the years, I’ve heard people smarter than me say that they are happy not knowing when their last day on earth will be, for obvious reasons.  I did, however, have enough faith in her message to feel relief in knowing that I would live to at least 42 years of age.  What bothered me was that coming near death for me always meant that I would end up brain dead or on a wheel chair for the duration of life.

In retrospect, I wish that I had somehow stayed in touch with that lady, because her message and image sure stayed in my mind until now.  Looking back at my life I can say with a degree of certainty that the Fortune Teller Lady had a real gift.  I went on in my youth to race cars, motorcycles, go carts, and take other chances feeling pretty much invincible because I knew that I would survive until age 42.

I took my future forecast so serious that before I entered into marriage in 1977, I mention to my bride to be that I had once been told by a Fortune Teller that I would come near death at the age of 42.  We didn’t laugh it off, but we also didn’t let it stop us.  I do remember that it was about that time that I started paying more attention to my horoscope. I don’t place a lot of faith in it but why take a chance.  I didn’t buy lotto if it said that my luck was good, but if it said danger, don’t travel, I stayed home.  Keep a look out for Tales from the Dark Side Part 3!  The best is yet to come….

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