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Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Rest of the Story

 Fortune Teller Sequel

Less than 30 days after my wife and I survived the chunk of concrete dropped on our windshield our future began to take shape in a big way.  Late one Friday 6:45 pm to be exact I was working late at the office when the phone rang.  I answered the call and the person at the other end was surprised that I was there to answer.  He said, I fully expected to leave a message, but I am glad you are still in the office.
He was calling from headquarters, and he introduced himself.  Almost immediately he apologized for not meeting me and introducing himself in prior years since I joined the organization.  He said he had seen many glowing reports of my performance, and just hadn’t had a chance to travel to my office to introduce himself and thank me personally.  I explained that no apology was necessary, and that I was just performing my duties per my job assignment with a personal commitment to quality.

His next words made the call my 14th offer of promotion in the last five years.  After surviving the accident in November my wife and I had discussed that the next job offer I received, I would give serious consideration to.  I was offered a position as the head of a section at headquarter.  The only catch is that the opening would not be available until spring or summer of the following year.  We made plans for an in person visit at headquarters soon after the new year started.
I went home all excited and shared the conversation with my wife, and as always she was very supportive and told me that I needed to do what I thought was best for the family.  Fortunately we had been able to afford for my wife to be a stay at home mom, to oversee the family front, and we didn’t have to deal with a job transfer for her.  I was totally happy and no longer looking over my shoulder due to the Fortune Teller prediction and near death event.  For once in our lives we were free to live happy and make decision beneficial to our family’s future.

It seemed like forever and almost unbelievable but in August of the following year I finally made the move to headquarters some 150 miles away.  The rest is history; everything that is good and important to our family has taken place because of decisions we made that year following the near death event.  The friends my children met in school, the spouses they met and married, the grandchildren that have been born, everyone and everything was and is affected by my promotion to headquarters and family relocation.
I have to say that a little faith goes a long ways.  If we could control every aspect of our lives, not only would we be responsible for the outcomes, but I know that many of us would mess it up.  Now you know why I say the best is yet to come….

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