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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

                                                        Happy Valentines Day 2013....

Valentine's Day around our house is special but so is every day of the year.  I don't just show my wife that I love her one day a year.  Saying I love you to a person is very special, showing them you love them is even more so.

Just like the saying charity begins at home, so does the very important and happy relationship you share with that one special person.

Speaking of home, I love my life;  I've reached a point in life where I am happily retired, happily married, happily in love. Any one of those subjects could fill volumes of posts for but like I often say that is material for another post.

While I am retired, I still manage a family business, and help with the grand children, I've learned to perform the chores around the house.  My wife finally gave in and allows me to do the laundry, load the dish washer, and periodically even surprise her with a cooked meal by the time she gets home from work.  I forgot to mention my wife is still working, so I decided to make her day shorter by handling the home front chores. 

I'm not trying to impress you, and I am by no means Cinderfella (a play on Cinderella), I still get to do what I want to do.  I play golf regularly with my foursome, we've been playing together for some 23 years.  For a while I was playing golf like Tiger Woods, and then he came out of his slump.  I like to say that I play golf in the 70's; any hotter and I refuse to go out.  Not true of course, one time I played in 104 degree temperature.  If I ever felt over loaded I'm sure I could ask for a vacation, but I am still practicing what I preach, If you learn to love what you do you will never work a day in your life.

I also have a select few friends that I go to lunch or breakfast with, just to stay in touch, and plan activities with.  Some of my Bucket List items will happen around my friends who already do some of those things.  One thing that helps keep me on the straight and narrow, is the company I keep.  All my friends are happily married or happily divorced but nothing in between. 

 I know that Valentine's Day is tomorrow, but I just knew that you would be so busy making Valentine's Day special for your loved one that you most likely wouldn't have time to read the blog. I just realized that I wrote quite a bit just to say I love you and Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely wife. I hope all of you have a very special day of it, and feel the love. Once again I remind you to stay tuned the best is yet to come.....

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