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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Staying Healthy 2

Staying Healthy 2
As promised I am going to post regularly as I make progress with my getting fit effort.  Hope that you understand that looking good is one thing and being fit is totally something else.  Tomorrow will be my third meeting with my Personal Trainer, and we have arrived at the point where as the saying goes the rubber meets the road.  I want you to know that I already have some weight loss to report.  I haven’t even been assigned my workout regimen, and already my wallet is quite a bit lighter.  I’m being a little flip, but I am serious about the effort this isn’t Kansas anymore (no disrespect meant to Kansas).  This fitness center is the state of the art.  My personal Trainer is preparing for a Body Building Competition in California, so he is every bit a professional and comes very highly recommended by family members that are into body building.

My next session will be where all the assessments come in; range of motion (flexibility), how to use the equipment, I will be assigned a workout routine based on my needs, with consideration to my strengths and weaknesses.  Warming up properly, prior to starting my assigned workout, so I won’t get hurt.  I realize that there are experts in my age group and readers that are thinking boringgg, but this post isn’t meant for them.  This post is for those of you that like me have thought about getting started but haven’t, and don’t know how to start.
I can tell you already that I am having fun and feel a sense of excitement. Today while visiting the center, I ran into two of my golf partners, as they were starting to workout.  I felt like I had just transferred into a new school and ran into some old friends.  They welcomed me and told me they were looking forward to working out with me.  Then almost jokingly, I said I better get out of here and stop bothering the customers, and one of them said, you belong here you are now a member.  I can confess that I secretly felt very good inside.

I went to a sporting goods store and bought some of the things I needed to augment my attire for tomorrow’s first scheduled workout.  So you know some of my wallet’s weight loss was not for the fitness program but to look good.  I know that I will be sore in a couple of days, but I am committed, and look forward to the rewards associated with being fit.  FYI, my wife and family in general are very supportive.  The best is yet to come…

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