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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Age has its privileges

Age has its privileges
I remember when I was young; I would frequent certain restaurants or clubs because I knew someone who worked there.  Today at my present age I visit similar establishments because I know the owner(s).

This weekend my oldest son and his wife came in from out of town on business and decided to spend a couple of days visiting.  Other family members local to the area came by to say high and spend some quality time with their older brother.  Our home has always been the gathering place since everyone called our place home at one time or another.  We have lived in our present home for over 21 years.  My wife and I have discussed that if we ever bought a new home we would still keep this one.  We have way too many memories to just put a price on, at time of sale. 

There is one doorway leading from the garage to the mud room, where every member of the family has been measured for progress through the years, excluding my wife and myself.  Our back yard has no flowers or gardens because it was always meant to be a playground for our children and now grandchildren.  The size of our back yard is twice the size of any house backyard in the neighborhood.  Twenty-one years ago, we bought this house as much for the backyard as for any other feature of the feature loaded house.
Before we could move in we had to make sure that the backyard fence was enlarged to protect a larger portion of the area.  Also a doggie door had to be installed into the side of the garage (still within the fenced backyard area) for our family friend Teddy to come and go as he pleased.  If I mentioned how much extra the cost was you would either think that I was bragging or think I was foolish, so I won’t mention it.  However, you should know that my home and family have always been my priority, and their safety and happiness is most important.

On this outing 6 of our family members went to one of the fine waterfront establishments for brunch.  After setting up a table for six we were seated and prepared to enjoy a fine meal.  As I made my way to the food display area I heard my named called and I was pleasantly surprised to see my friend the owner of the restaurant and his family enjoying a meal.  I went over to say hello, and they proudly mentioned that they had just become grandparents for the first time.  I am an old pro at the grandfather game; I won’t mention how many we have because you will wonder why with the combination of children and grandchildren I still don’t qualify for my own casino.
Later as the restaurant owner and his family were leaving the restaurant they stopped by our table to say high to my family and proudly share pictures of their new addition to their family.  My children were impressed that they would come and share a private family moment with us.  Life is so relaxing when you can go out and enjoy a family moment amongst friends where not only, are you made welcomed, but with a personal touch.  Aging does have its privileges.  The best is yet to come….

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