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Friday, February 22, 2013

Staying Healthy

Staying Healthy

Coming from great genes is a wonderful foundation to build on.  Up until my mid 30’s I had the world by the tail.  I was not only very busy but I always made time for golf, racket ball, walking, jogging, and mowing the lawn, just to name a few things to be constantly in action. After 35 I noticed that in order to take 5 to 6 pounds off, I had to work at it most of the year.  Even then the effort was a combination of proper eating and exercise.  As the years progressed I got busier with everything, children growing up more responsibility at work, more traveling for work, baseball practice for the kids, swimming lessons the list goes on.  I also spent quality time at home as a model husband.
Because I’ve always been healthy for the longest time the family doctors were dentist, pediatrician or gynecologist, except for the dentist, I wasn’t exactly represented.  As I got older I did fortunately get smarter, and decided that I wanted to have minimally the annual physical that every smart man should have after the age of 50, and younger if family history warrants it.  My doctors have never (my fingers are crossed) found anything to be concerned about.  I even joked with my friends that I love my doctor because she doesn’t tell me I am overweight rather she says I am about a foot short for my weight.  I promise you that I am joking about that.  I carry a few pounds more than I want to but I am about to correct that by joining a fitness center, and contracting with a Personal Trainer.

My doctor has told me after an examination, that I am boring, she quickly follows that with; in medical circles boring is good. I guess you could say that I am an above average patient.  I always follow my doctor’s advice (but I almost always ask questions) because she is the professional, and I am paying for the services. I recently made her very happy when I told her that I was going to get more involved in staying fit.  My plan is to increase my metabolism so I can keep my eating habits intact (maybe minor adjustments), increase my energy level, and of course the third element will automatically be the desired loss of a few pounds (around 10 pounds).
I am writing this post because in my circle of friends; I have a handful of them that are alive today because of their annual physicals.  One of my friends has survived cancer of two types because they were caught on time (on two different occasions).  Another friend is also a cancer survivor because it was caught on time.  Others have caught heart problems through early detection, and are healthy now.

I play golf two to three times per week, and of course starting now I plan to workout 3 to 4 times per week at the fitness center.  I have equipment at home but I find that working in front of others drives you a little harder.  I love my family, and want to prolong my quality of life, so I can enjoy them for as long as possible. 

I know that some people avoid the doctor because they are afraid to hear news that they would prefer not to have to deal with.  Two professionals that you need to maintain communications with are your doctor, and the IRS; in that order.  In today’s medical technology and advances, it’s a shame that anyone should endure illnesses that don’t have to be endured.  I realize that sometimes you have the lack of insurance to deal with, but the most important thing is that you need to survive today to fight another day.  In other words you will end up at the doctor’s office or hospital whether you go in or someone else calls 911 to take you in.  If an illness is caught in time your recovery and or survival chances are much better.  Sometimes we are not aware of the number of people that will miss you until you are no longer around. Do it for them!  The best is yet to come…..

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