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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Remembering Good and Bad

1957 Ford Failrlane Skyliner Hard Top Convertible

I’ve often been known to say that when we think of days gone by, we always think of the good things, and have a tendency to conveniently forget the negatives.  Most people call that tendency human nature.  I have a type of personality that focuses on the positive, not that I have a non-eventful life or perfect life, I just feel that life is way too short to constantly highlight the negative.

Today, I was having an untypical day and catching up with national and world news, and I caught myself thinking about how those types of crimes (kidnappings, rapes, stabbings, etc.) were almost non-existent when I was growing up.  So I decided to think about my life back then to see if I could identify, an occurrence where that type of crime might have entered into my life.

When my step brother turned 21 his beautiful wife of two years wasn’t old enough to go with him to a party that his friends were throwing for him to celebrate the legal age of drinking.  At first she was very upset that he would go and party with his friends, without her by his side.  He eventually convinced her over the course of a week that all they would be doing is shooting pool at the local tavern in town (the town population then was 3,250).  By quoting the population numbers, I am making the point that the town is very small, and everybody knows everyone, and he would definitely be in his best behavior.

Somehow I got dragged into it, and unlike in today’s times where a young wife might say, well if you are going out with the guys, I am going out with the girls.  My sister-in-law’s solution was to take me out to dinner, and a movie.  I was all of 14 years old, and I really felt it was more of an imposition on me than anything else.  I really felt that I was basically babysitting, although I was the young one.  My sister-in-law wanted a nice dinner, so I was treated to a very nice new dress shirt, tie and dress slacks.  We traveled 45 minutes to the big city (in their pride and joy, a 1957 Ford Fairlane Hard Top Convertible.  The trunk opened up and the whole hard top would mechanically drop into the trunk, and the trunk would automatically close), we ate dinner at a fancy restaurant, and went to see Elvis Presley’s Blue Hawaii (I will never forget the movie because as it happened my sister-in-law and I were equally lifelong fans of everything Elvis Presley did).

After the movie, we got in the Ford Fairlane, and decided to take a slow drive through the main drag of the big city.  My sister-in-law being young, and proud of her Ford responded as expected when challenged at a traffic light and totally embarrassed the driver and the two passengers of a 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air.  We tried to lose them as we made our way to the open road that would take us back home, but they kept tailing us.  I don’t know if they were trying to get even for being embarrassed or if they took a liking to my beautiful driver, but they wouldn’t give up. 

Even though, once out of town we noticed their headlights kept getting smaller as we put distance between us, they were still following us.  With hardly any traffic in either direction, my sister-in-law decided that it wasn’t safe to have this morons follow us all the way to our town, so she came up with a plan.  Since we had close to a half mile distance between us, she planned to pull to the side of the road and get the 30/30 Winchester out of the trunk and aim it at them as they approached.  I argued my case and stood my ground (call it Machismo if you want), I insisted that she should pull over as planned get out of the car and into the field bordering the road, while I stood next to and to the rear of the car, while holding the 30/30 as they drove (hopefully) by.  As it turned out they put on their high beam lights, as they neared and when they made out the figure of someone holding up a rifle, they floored it and passed right on by.

Please understand that I wasn’t playing John Wayne or Robert Mitchum, but was in fact scared to death (scared enough, however, to open fire if I had to).  On the rest of the way home, we took some side roads that eventually got us home without running into the morons that would either be returning to their city (assuming that they were from the big city), or waiting for us in ambush up the road a ways.  We discussed how we had some excitement to top the night off, but pinky swore not tell anyone about the close encounter with the morons, that may have had evil plans for us.  My step brother and his wife are still happily married in their golden years and as far as I know we still have a secret in common.  As I think about it I can’t help but understand that evil and other crimes have always been around us, we have simply lived blessed lives. The best is yet to come…

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