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Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween Stories 10

                                                            PhantomVehicle                                                                                                                                    Author Unknown
In August of 2006, I saw a “phantom” car/vehicle on Angeles Crest Highway 2 in Tujunga, California. It was late evening, about 10:00 pm. My friend who lives in the canyon parked my Jeep on the side of the two-lane highway so he could get some belongings from his home. I waited in the car for maybe 15 minutes at most. I was sitting facing oncoming cars, and only as they turned a very sharp bend in the road in front of me did I just begin to see their headlights coming down and around. This highway is narrow with no street lamps many curves and absolutely zero visibility after dark…
On my side I saw headlights eventually approaching from behind and then disappear pretty quickly up the pitch dark road. Sitting in the front passenger seat of my Jeep I could not even see the hood of my car nor outside my windows… I only noticed my friend as he was standing right outside the car door. So, I see a few cars pass by, with headlights and taillights, and then around the sharp turn facing me comes a car with no headlights. My first thought was how in the world this person is driving without headlights, what reason at all to even attempt it. I knew it to be impossible, but I was just transfixed on this car watching it drive past me. Looking for any light or a driver hunched over the steering wheel to view the lines in the road possibly?!
It passed by me very slowly quietly no driver nor passengers and no lights. I sat there baffled, the car passes right alongside of me, so I try to see the driver (maybe their head is glued to the windshield to see, but still impossible!) and I do not see anybody. My eyes followed the car as it passed me by to see if it had taillights that perhaps the driver was breaking frequently in order to drive this way, but I saw no taillights either. The car was moving very slowly which I first thought was what the driver had to do in order to even attempt what I saw. It looked like an old Buick (sedan?) two-door, steel grey color (sorry, don’t know much about types of cars).
My friend came back to the Jeep just as the car passed, so I asked him if he saw it walking back up the road, and he said no. I quickly told him I was going to drive back out to see if I could catch up to it since it was moving so slow, but I never did. There are no exits or turn-offs for at least a few miles further out of the canyon… it disappeared.
If you are of the type that has an inquisitive mind, you will not settle for an occurrence that doesn’t make sense or leaves you hanging.  I am of that type of mind set, I also have the kind of personality that knows when things are best left alone.  With regard to supernatural or paranormal, some questions are best left unanswered.  The best is yet to come….

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