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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Story 12

Ghost Story                                                                                                                                                 by Princess Peng
There’s an old schoolhouse just outside of Calgary in Chestermere; several years ago there was a fire that forced its closure. In recent years it has been a hotbed teenage/paranormal activity. I’d heard rumors that the place was very haunted and kept an ear open for stories of the place.

I was told that after the fire the wrecking crews couldn’t demolish the building, on the first attempt the wrecking crew all became mysteriously ill and were eventually unable to stand. Another crew came by to do the job a little later, no one felt sick but apparently just as they were swinging the wrecking ball toward the building it stopped suddenly and the ball snapped off the chain. These are the stories I was told as to why the school was never torn down.
Back in the beginning of March some friends and I decided to make our own spoof of MTV’s Fear complete with video cameras, ludicrous dares and a sack of weed to be shared amongst the survivors. This wasn’t the first time I’d done something like this. The contestants were all teenagers, most of them local gang members who claimed to be totally fearless.

As we approached the site we realized we’d have to cut across the neighboring property to gain access to the school, this was a royal pain in the ass as we were carrying several bags including audio/video equipment and two tricycles (to be used in the Shining-style tricycle race). The neighbor was a scruffy looking old man, we know this because he chased us down armed with a shotgun as we tried to trespass onto the property. We lost our first two contestants even before getting to the site. We jumped the fence and hid out of sight until the old man went away and then walked around the outside of the building until we found a window to enter through.
The school itself was seriously creepy, it had been vandalized by plenty of people before we got there. the first thing that happened even before scoping out the place was a lone door open on its own and then slammed shut, there was no wind or anything blowing through the place. We split into two teams, each had a camcorder, an audio recorder, a flashlight and a two way walkie talkie. The point of this was to do a search for spooky locations for the other contestants to do their dares. Within two minutes another contestant quit saying that this was wrong and he had a feeling we weren’t meant to be here.

Some of us looked through a few of the abandoned classrooms when we got a call on one of our cellphones, it was the other team saying their equipment wasn’t working and they were stuck at the entrance to what they thought was a gymnasium. Their flashlight was just flickering and they said this area was really cold. I laughed, fired up the video camera and brought the remaining three members of my team with me to see this place. As we approached the area the light of my flashlight began to flicker as well, I didn’t think too much of it since I bought the flashlight from a dollar store. Just then one of the other team members ran past me screaming, “We have to get out of here!” My team all looked puzzled and I yelled back to him that he was a wimp. As I neared the other team I noticed they were all bunched together and grabbing hold of one another. I started laughing and then one of the guys said that there was someone in the room ahead of them. Just then it became really hot, all of us were unzipping our coats and trying to get our flashlights to work. My flashlight came on again, I open the door, peered in with the camcorder and asked, “Is anyone in here?” The ground was covered in a layer of fresh, undisturbed powder snow, and no one was inside. It suddenly became really cold again and I suggested this be one of the sites of the dares.
The walkie talkie suddenly switched back on and it was the guy who had run past us saying he was really scared, couldn’t find the exit and needed one of us to escort him out. The guy next to me tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the ground in front of us. Before us in the previously undisturbed snow was a set of footprints that seemed to originate in the center of the room and stop just in front of us. These footprints were definitely not there a moment earlier, they were prints of bare feet and no bigger than a small child’s. Personally, I thought this was a good sign, nobody else did though. Upon this discovery the remaining team members ran for the front door as fast as their feet would carry them. I stayed just long enough to take a photograph and then followed suit.

P.S.: If anyone decides to visit this site please be on the lookout for the sack of weed I lost while making my getaway.  The best is yet to come…..

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