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Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Stories 9

Country Hospitality
This took place in 2007 when I was traveling to Ohio for my Uncles funeral. It was a very dark and lonely stretch of country road. Thanks to a country bumpkin at my last fuel stop, giving me bogus directions which were supposed to be a short cut. I had been driving for three hours without seeing another living soul. My only companion was the harvest moon over head in the night sky. The radio was nothing but static. My eyes searched the darkness ahead for any sign of life.
Just when I was running out of hope and fuel, up ahead I saw a light shining out of the darkness. My car sputtered out of gas as I coasted into the parking lot of an old mom and pop style truck stop. I had to push my car the last twenty feet to the pumps. As I put the car in park an elderly gent came running out and started to pump fuel into my gas tank. He said hi names Bob while I fill her up why don’t you go on in the wife has vittles ready. I thought it was strange that out here in the middle of nowhere at three in the morning anyone would have food ready in case a traveler happened by. But I was hungry and went on in to the restaurant, there a kindly old woman was setting food on the table, a feast fit for a king. As I ate she kept my coffee cup filled with piping hot coffee, and kept the food coming, until I couldn’t eat another bite.
I thought the bill would be unbelievably high, but she only charged me five dollars. I thought for these prices I would make a point to stop back in here on my return trip.
As I paid Bob for the fuel I asked him for directions back to the highway. He told me best way to go, then said son you look to tired to travel why don’t you catch a nap in the parking lot. It’s pretty quiet and no one will bother you.
I thought why not, so I nodded off in my car, only planning on a quick cat nap.
I guess I was more tired than I thought. It was well into morning when I was awakened by a tapping on my window. It was a police officer, he wanted to know if I was alright. I told him that I was fine and about to resume my trip.
When he asked me why I was parked at a burned out deserted truck stop. That’s when I took a look around, and got the shock of my life. The place was a burned out shell that looked like no one had been there in twenty odd years.
I told the officer all about my previous night’s experience, the whole time he just smiled and nodded.
When I finished relaying my tale, he said Bob and Sarah owned this place until about twenty five years back when they both passed away in the freak electrical fire that took this place. And from time to time we hear from lost and stranded travelers about them returning to give aid and comfort in times of great need. So just write it off to our local guardian angels Bob and Sarah.
As I pulled back on the road I felt a warmth knowing that Bob and Sarah were looking down on me from up in heaven. Thanks again Bob and Sarah, and keep up the good work.
This story was submitted to Archive X on December 21 2011, name not available.  The best is yet to come….

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