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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Halloween Stories 4

Something in the Dark (part II)
By Amber Morris (as told to SELINDA)
Halloween Stories series will be interesting and real stories as related to Selinda.  This post is an update to: Halloween Stories 3, posted October 11, 2013,
At 17 I had moved out of my parents’ house and was on my own.  The strange and creepy paranormal experiences my sister and I had endured as children in that house were in my past, and I suppressed them until they were almost forgotten.   A few years later, I was married and the mother of two small children.   My parents built a small home on their property.  It was next door to their house, but with enough distance that we had our own place and privacy.   There were plenty of acres with lots of trees on the land.  It seemed like an idyllic place to raise children and lots of space for my beautiful Labrador.  We moved in.   My husband started working late at night and I was often left alone with my kids.  Thankfully my dog kept me company.  
     One night, I heard whimpering outside my door.  "Come on girl.....come inside."  I opened the door and called her to my bedside.  She sat motionless outside my room.  "What's the matter?"  I noticed she never entered my room by herself.  I called and finally had to pull her in.  She laid on my bed as I stroked her soft fur.  Something captured her attention. She stared at my closet.  I shut the bedroom door and plopped on the bed. She continued to gaze at the closet door.   "What's the matter girl?"  
Then I heard it....a noise coming from outside my room.  The door slowly creaked and slowly started to open.  My husband walked in.  "Oh it's you," I sighed with relief.    "What's she looking at?"  My husband asked with curiosity.  "I don't know she's been staring at that corner for an hour."  We finally settled for bed and we were beginning to doze off when she got restless and started to whimper.  "I' need to get some sleep," my husband complained under his breath. He got up and put her outside.   
Sometime during the night, I awoke from a stinging pain on my right leg.  Something had scratched me.  At first I thought it was my lab.  Then I remembered, she wasn't in the room.  I got up and in the bathroom saw two red lines running down my thigh.  "What?" I couldn't explain the scratches.  I turned off the light and went back to bed.     It was late and I forced myself back to sleep. Later that night I felt a deep, heavy pressure on my chest.  I couldn't breathe. I started to gasp for air.  It felt as if I was being suffocated.  When I opened my eyes, I couldn't move.  My body was paralyzed.  Someone or something was holding me in place.  Then I heard it.......the sinister low creepy laugh, one I was all too familiar with from my childhood from the house right next door.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha aaa................followed by heavy breathing on my face.
I could only move my hand that was right by my husband and I started hitting him until he finally woke up.   He sat up startled.   I was finally able to breathe.  Whatever it was, released me from his grip.  I coughed and coughed and eventually caught my breath.  My husband was catatonic.  He stared at the corner of the room.  I turned in the direction he was looking.  We sat frozen in disbelief.  
There, next to the closet in the corner of our bedroom was an ominous figure.  Through the darkness of the room, we could see it, blacker than the night.  But what was it?  His red eyes pierced right at us.  
Then I remembered and I knew.   It was the same menacing dark evil figure that frightened my sister and I as kids.  It stared at me and tore the stillness of the night with a low guttural evil laugh................... as if to say "welcome back."
Our mind has a way of protecting us (itself) by purposely suppressing hurtful (painful) memories by keeping them in the deep recesses within.  The best is yet to come….

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