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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Stories 13

Saved by An Angel

By Unknown Author

18 years ago I was in Turkey for vacation with friends. I was 21 at the time and a novice swimmer. I was swimming in the sea when a strong current carried me into deeper water. The waves were crashing over my head; I could not feel the surface beneath my feet. I was being pulled further and further out to sea. There were no other swimmers in the water. I began to wave frantically but no one seemed to notice I was drowning. I went under once, twice and I knew the third time was going to be my last. I was thinking all the time I don’t want to die so far from home. I was going under for the third time when this little brown body of a boy child came from the left; he swam like a fish in the water. He came over to my right hand side and held me up out of the water by my elbow. I turned to him and said don’t let go.  I did not know how such a small child was holding me up but he was. He was only about 4 years old. He just held me there and stayed by my side he did not speak. I was calm and knew I was safe.

A few minutes later a woman in a green swimsuit swam to my aid. When she reached me she held my left arm and he held my right arm. They held me for what seemed like a long time before they slowly brought me to the shore. I turned to the boy and he was gone. I was confused and kept looking for the boy. I kept asking “where is the child gone, the little boy”. The woman said she did not see any child I was very puzzled. He was right there all that time. How could she not have seem him? In fact I had assumed the boy was with her because they seemed to work together.

A group of children surrounded me in the shallow water; I asked them if they had seen the little boy who pulled me up from the water. I wanted to thank him. They told me they had seen what has happened but they only saw the lady rescue me, they did not see any little boy.

In disbelief I asked everyone who was on the beach including my friend did they see the little boy, I was getting worried about him.  Was he still in the water? Where was he? But no one else saw him. He saved my life yet I was the only one who saw him. How did the woman who helped save me not see him when he was right there with us? I will never understand and can only conclude that I must have been saved by an angel that day.

And if you can hear me little Angel “Thank you, I can never thank you enough.  The best is yet to come…




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