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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lurking Evil

Lurking Evil
When my first born daughter was around 4 months old, she was healthy, had a great appetite, and very bright.  Of course you expect that to be said by every parent with at least their first child.  In all honesty I’ve always been amazed by the intellect that my children are born with.  This girl was beautiful, and was crawling, and standing up in her crib.  She would take every one of her toys and not just play with it, but in fact would analyze every toy as if trying to figure out how it worked.
This baby was my pride and joy, and I would do whatever was necessary to make sure that she was well provided for.  Her meals were always timely, her medical care was also extremely important to me, I believe that even she would admit, that she was daddy’s little girl.
Unfortunately because of my youth I was unable to provide her with the one thing that I consider essential for safety and to keep her safe from unwanted influences not of this world.  The essential necessity in my way of thinking, is a brand new home that would be her shelter without any previous history or influences. 
Life for us was very stable around that time and I had just worked my way into a big job related promotion, opening a new industrial plant in Santa Cruz California.  You could say that I was the company’s “Golden Haired Boy,” that is to say, that everything I did was perfect.  I could do no wrong in the eyes of the company (I was the go-to-guy).  For my young age I had just taken my first (as manager) location from 68th place ranking, out of 80 location to 3rd place in productivity performance.  I had also brought it to 2nd place from 74th place in Budget (expenditures).  All of that was accomplished within 15 months of my joining the company and taking over the production management.
While everything seems to be going in the right direction, my promotion to a new location in a resort type town and in my eyes “paradise,” comes with side effects.  I never complained then and I am not complaining now.  Believe me, my promotion/assignment made me the envy of close to 300 managers that included Plant Managers, Production Managers, Sales Managers, and even a couple of Vice Presidents from Home Office.  The only other coveted assignment was Las Vegas.  However, as the saying goes be careful what you wish for.
My problem was that while I had a great job, and salary to go with it, I was young, and never knew when I could be transferred, so for that reason, I didn’t buy a new home, that plus cost prohibitive housing costs at the time for the area.  So I rented a very nice 2 bedroom in an above average neighborhood.  Almost immediately the problem manifested itself.
From the first day we moved in my little princess would start crying at exactly 12 midnight.  The first few days I wasn’t concerned because I didn’t see the pattern.  As, I am sure many of us are in the habit of looking at the bedside clock when awakened in the night, I started to notice she would always start screaming at exactly midnight.  It would break my heart to run into her room, and see the tears streaming down her face, while screaming at the top of her little lungs and trembling.  I swear if I had known than what was scaring her, I would have asked that evil to take me on instead.  I will need to follow up this post with “Lurking Evil 2.” The best is yet to come….

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