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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Stories 2

Halloween Stories 2
As told to Selinda
Halloween Stories series will be interesting and real stories as related to the author Selinda.  This post is an update to: Halloween Stories, posted October 9, 2013,
I knew it was early evening.  But it looked like night had unexpectedly descended.  Any remnants of sunlight had completely vanished.  "Who are you?"  I managed to utter.  
He did not answer me. There was a pit in my stomach.  I could not make out any features from the dark shadow.  He raised an arm motioning me to come closer.  I was gripped with fear.  And yet, I couldn't scream, or move a muscle.  I reached for my gold medallion hanging from my neck.  My finger felt the imprint of Jesus Christ carved delicately in my precious heirloom that had been passed down from my grandmother.  She had given it to my mother and on my 15th birthday and as the oldest daughter, my mother had given it to me.   Frozen and paralyzed, I tried to recognize some facial features of this dark figure. But the oncoming storm had rendered an almost pitch black night. Only his eyes were a fiery red.  I kept staring. He stretched out his hand.  He knew my name and his low voice called me to him.  "Come closer," he said in a low voice.  I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest, it beat so hard.
Just then, lightning lit up the sky followed by a loud thunder.  It seemed to wake me from my trance.  Lightning struck again for a few seconds.  This time I got a good look at the mysterious figure.   Jutting out of his head were horns and his facial features resembled that of a goat.  His body appeared to have fur and his legs were strange and deformed.  The legs and feet looked as if they were from an animal.  I was in shock.  This was not a man.  My legs gave out and I fell weak to the ground on my knees.  I closed my eyes tight and placed the medallion in my mouth clenching it hard with my teeth.  I began to pray. I prayed and prayed.  I prayed the "Our Father" over and over without letting go of my medallion.  After what felt like a long time, the wind subsided and the dark clouds seemed to pass.  Suddenly there was light in the sky again.  I was still on my knees and somehow gathered the courage to slowly open my eyes.  I looked at the edge of the cliffs.  The dark menacing figure was gone.   It was dusk in the horizon. I quickly recovered and ran desperately through the dark woods all the way home.  Once in the front room, I ran to my father's arms.  The tears were still streaming from my face as I recounted what had happened to me.  To my dismay, no one believed me.  My sisters made fun of me, and my mother said I was being dramatic.  Everyone thought I had made up the story.  I pulled out my medallion and told them how I had bitten it several times with my teeth and prayed fervently for God's help.  Everyone suddenly stopped talking and stared.  My mom slowly approached and held the medallion in her hands.  Around it, were the many teeth marks I had permanently left on the medallion.
It has been many years since my grandmother's terrifying experience.  I know the story to be true because I now have her gold medallion and it still has evidence of her teeth marks when she clenched it in fear before the dark and sinister figure.  Look for other Halloween Stories to be posted as we near Halloween Day!  The best is yet to come…

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