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Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun in the Sun

California Beach
 Extreme weekend heat wave could bring temperatures above 120 to Western US
  • A wave of record-setting, life-threatening heat is expected to blaze across the West this weekend, with temperatures in some areas projected to top 120 degrees.
  • Death Valley, Calif., could even top 130 degrees Saturday through Monday, just below the world record high of 134 recorded there on July 10, 1913
  • The cause is a high pressure system that will scorch a long arm of the Southwest. Temperatures in Phoenix and Las Vegas are expected to soar into the triple digits, with temperatures hovering between 115 and 120 degrees. In western parts of Arizona, temperatures could reach 125.
California Sun-The Rivieras
Summer 2013; after a terrible winter and worst spring, Mother Nature is not done with us yet.  Many people had plans for the summer vacation well in advance and we are not quitters. We’ve waited a long time for nice vacation on the beach or otherwise outdoors, whatever you do, use caution, when deciding how long to stay exposed to the elements.  The beach and clear skies are a nice combination to lure you and lull you into overstaying your time out. For many people fun in the sun, sand and surf means plenty of beer or other alcoholic beverages; a bad combination with extreme heat in the forecast (clouds better judgment).
Heat exhaustion and dehydration are known to cause casualties in weather such as we are facing in this summer’s forecast.  Drink plenty of water and don’t get over exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.  Many elderly people can’t afford air condition systems for their homes, if you have elderly neighbors consider checking up on them, better yet put it on your to do list.
Las Vegas
One of the worst vacations I ever experienced was about 10 years ago and it happened at the happiest place on earth (Disneyland-Southern California).  The lines were at least 45 minutes long for all rides, and I had to spend lots of money buying bottled water just to pour it on my children’s heads to cool them off. My idea of a nice vacation on a very hot summer day is to stay indoors in an air conditioned room, or restaurant, and then go out at night in a place like Las Vegas.  I do recall one summer vacation in Las Vegas where the temperature at 3 in the morning was 92 degrees.
For many young indestructible people (or so they think- been there done that) there will be many other vacations.  For us older folk hopefully we are smart enough to know better.  The goal is to live today to enjoy another day.  The best is yet to come….

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