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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation
 As the schools finish the academic year children of all ages are excited about family vacations, not having to deal with homework for a few months. High school age teenagers are making plans for spending time at the beach with friends, or playing volley ball at the park, or just simply relaxing, other more like us of the old school (no pun intended) are headed for summer jobs.
Those that are old enough to start to show an interest in the opposite sex, are considering how long the summer will be without the ability to see each other.  I didn’t have attachments in elementary or junior high (middle school now), but I do remember that there was always someone that I liked more than my other friends, so I also had a sense of absence.  In my case, however, I kept so busy during the summer that I had no time for daydreaming, and before I knew it, I was shopping for back to school clothes.
One summer stands out in my mind (summer of 1962) because of a song that started hitting the airwaves before school let out.  I had lots of young lady friends but no one to wear my letterman’s jacket or sweater.  I was very much the gentleman, and fearful at that. I never wanted to take a chance to lose a friendship over a foolish mistake of being too forward.  Just the same I was a romantic in training, and that song was had very special lyrics that resonated.
I believe that anyone hearing that song would have feeling of separation especially if they were experiencing a semblance of Puppy Love.  After all you go through the school year seeing each other every day of the week, with the extremely long weekends in-between and now we are talking about a two plus month plus absence.  No wonder so many young people eloped back then.
Keep in mind that we were back in the days where some homes didn’t have telephone service (especially in the rural areas).  Definitely no texting or email or even faxing.  No wonder love was so much stronger and intense; absence does make the heart grow fonder!  Add to all that the fact that fathers were to be respected and in some cases feared.  My older brother actually had his future wife’s father fire a shotgun at him as he was sneaking his daughter out on a date (they have been married 58 years, how’s that for strong love?)
I hope that your thoughts and memories of being young and in school, even if not in love are great!  The best is yet to come….

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