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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Secret of Long Life

Modern Medical Science

We live in a time where medical science is so improved that if ever anything could be done to prolong your life or save it, the time is now.  I also happen to believe in destiny.  Meaning that, if your time to go comes up, all the science in the world won’t buy you more time.  As an example you could be brought back from drowning while on vacation, but if your time is up you could die in a car accident on the way home.  Forgive me if you feel that my thinking is too fatalistic, but I don’t believe that I stand alone in this case.

Destiny aside, and not knowing how long we have left, I also believe that we must do all we can to improve our chances at longevity.  First thing we can do is learn about our parents and grandparents health, some people don’t realize that their life’s journey is intricately weaved with their ancestors.  Not perfectly interweaved because every human being is the product of a mother and father.  As an example I am the product of my father and mother, and my wife is the product of her mother and father.  Consequently the makeup of our children is affected by the parents and their paternal and maternal grandparents and on and on.

I’ve looked at my family tree to see how long my ancestors lived and what they eventually died from.  I checked where possible their good and bad habits, and made some decisions of what I want to improve on by duplicating good habits and discarding the bad.  At least two habits that I seem to have inherited are: being monogamous, and working hard.  Both are choices that seemed good on the surface, but that I am not convinced that I followed consciously.  I just seem to have turned out that way.  Maybe, just maybe, I turned out that way because I didn’t have the Internet (Google) to influence me.

Back to medical science, I’ve said before that two contacts to maintain great communications with, are: 

  • Your medical team, and
  • The Internal Revenue Service.  When I’ve said that before, I didn’t realize that the communications with the IRS were automatic (NSA- sorry I had to throw that in).

In all seriousness, if your physician suggests a series of tests to help keep you informed and in good medical condition, you should consider going along no matter how scary the tests may be.  In the case of medical, not everything that is affecting you will kill you, but in fact could make your life miserable (a preventable stroke is a good example).

I don’t always love or like my doctor, but I do respect her knowledge and caring all the time.  This is a long way to go just to say that I recently had a Colonoscopy and everything turned up perfect.  Just another example of how to reduce stress, one less thing to worry about for the next 10 years.  The best is yet to come….

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