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Monday, July 1, 2013

She's A Lady (or Prince Charming)

She’s A Lady 

Just between you and me, is your partner your soul mate, your special lady (or for you lady readers; did you end up with your soul mate, your Prince Charming)?  Most of us won’t admit it openly for obvious reasons.  This is just offered as food for thought.  Nod to yourself once for yes, twice for no!
It obviously took me two tries to get it right, but I have no guilt in saying it, because after all, “it takes two to Tango,” and for all I know I am the one that didn’t measure up.  With maturity and success under my belt, I am comfortable not always being right.  Think about the many years that my generation has lived and the number of people that have passed through our lives.  I’m not talking about intimate relations, or even casual dating situations.
Prince Charming

I, personally was very reserved (cautious) with regard to exposing my feelings to be trampled or hurt.  I wasn’t a drinker or partier, so I guess I never had the courage (in a bottle) to take a risk.  I am referring to the very nice people around us that were always there when we needed a friend.  The people that always smiled and were extra friendly at the doctor’s office or the grocery store.  Some relationships actually start that way.  I always valued friendship above all else, and would never act forward and risk losing a friend.

Twice in my life, I’ve been told that the lady thought we could have dated, but I never asked, and another said that she thought we would grow up to get married.  I never knew how they felt, and I cared enough not to lose their friendship.  Yet, I lost contact with them over the years.  Fortunately they ended up happily married, and I know that I am.

One of my very good friends and I often talk about our lives and the twists and turns that we have maneuvered through.  As usual I don’t divulge names so he shall remain anonymous. We often get together just to share a meal, and sometimes to participate in sports tournaments.  My friend has been a recovering alcoholic for 29 years (I am very proud of him & since I don’t indulge we are the perfect friendship).  I don’t want to give a number but let’s just say that it takes more than one hand to count the number of times that he has been married.  Most if not all of those times can be accredited to the drinking problem.  He is a very good looking guy and I only hang out with him cause he is a chick magnate (just kidding, we are both way past that stage, we are already happily acquired).

My friend’s life would make a more exciting book than mine but he isn’t the reading or writing type.  As far as I know he never married bad looking or plain looking person.  I believe that his homelier wife was a Cowboy’s Cheerleader.  He blames himself for his marriage failures.  I, on the other hand (in baseball terms) only had one out followed by a Grand Slam!!

The original question might be; can you think of the one opportunity you allowed to go by, that might have been very special.  In my instance I feel that (and it applies to everyone as well), I captured the brass ring when I got married the second time so I am comfortable that I didn’t let the special one get away.  I do know for a fact that a number of very nice people that I admired have been in my circle of acquaintances, so there may have been ample opportunity for a keeper in the bunch.  Having said that, I firmly believe in destiny, and feel that what I have was meant to be.  The best is yet to come….

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