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Friday, September 13, 2013

Stable Life Style

Stable Life Style
What are different types of life styles?
  • Answer: Lifestyle usually reflects an individual's attitudes, values or world view. The different types of lifestyles include general, income or occupation based lifestyles, military lifestyles, sexual lifestyles, musical subculture lifestyles as well as lifestyles based on recreation.
  • Additional Answer: The different types of lifestyles are living an actualizing life, living to fulfil one's dreams, striving to possess wealth and fame, living to achieve the unexpected, experiencing life moments, making up new situations and struggling to survive. These lifestyles characterize an individual's personality. They stem from the individual's original or imparted way of reasoning.
If you are close enough to me you would know that I despise change.  I love continuity, but I am smart enough to realize that few things in life can remain static.  Someone that isn’t close to me might think that I procrastinate, but in fact when it comes to inevitable change in my (our family life) I make my moves ever so cautiously.  To an outsider it may look like I am dragging my feet.  However, due to my deliberate decision making process I can proudly claim that I can count in one hand the number of times I’ve regretted a life changing decision.
My post this time around is not so much about the type of lifestyle as it is about comfort zone within a lifestyle.  As a perfect example somewhere in the process of getting to this point in life, we (my wife and I) very carefully selected the Pacific NW as the place to raise our family and eventually retire.  I won’t brag about the positives the Northwest offers, I’ll just list a few of the negatives that we can live without:  No massive or frequent earthquakes, no tornados, no hurricanes, no Florida style sink holes, and no flash floods.
Especially as you near or enter the golden year’s portion of life, we can’t afford the rebuilding of our home, or other loss of property and life that goes with the negatives mentioned above.  I enjoy a certain level of comfort in knowing that there are certain things in everyday life that I can count on to be predictable.  I have always believed in leading by example and fortunately for us, all of our children also live in the Northwest. 
One unpredictable future change is that as we get older, we need to be more aware of our surrounding when we are out and about.  It seems that it doesn’t matter where in the world you live, the mature citizen is an easy target for criminals and opportunist. I also have a solution for that, I will travel more often with my two bodyguards, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson.  After all I’ve earned the reputation of being a marksman.  The best is yet to come……

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