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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Being Grateful

Being Grateful
I was raised in such a humble style that appreciating what we got was the biggest part of receiving anything.  My parents taught me that there were no guarantees in life, that every day was a gift.  Whether going to school, going to work or vacation every departure needed to be very nice and memorable because you were never guaranteed a return by either one or both.  My mother came from a commercial fishing family that lost some loved ones at sea, and my father worked as an ambulance driver while working his way through school, so he had seen more than the average person gets to experience in a lifetime.

We were also taught to be respectful of our elders, and to be of service to others.  I remember that as a child of elementary school age, I would walk in a different direction just to help and elderly lady cross the street.  Family members and friends would drop by our house unannounced and they would be invited to stay and join us for our next meal regardless of whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I sometimes wondered if my parents weren’t taken advantage of by their families because of their giving and sharing nature.
Looking back I remember that 60% of the family or friends that visited our home had some kind of problem and were looking for help. 

My parents could always be counted on to assist in any way they could.  They themselves were always self-sufficient, and typical of the times, the man was the wage earner.  My mother was a stay at home housewife.  My father loved her so much that she was actually spoiled by my father.  The following is an excerpt from the book I am writing (working title: East Lincoln):

·       My father was an educated man able to provide the needs, comforts, and even some luxuries for his young family. My mother was a stay at home mom able to provide all the love care and attention of her love and joy (me), I forgot to mention my given name is Armando.  I didn’t know it at the time but we were decently well off.  My mother had hired help around the house, and she maintained a standing appointment for hair and manicure/pedicure.   She definitely was a classic beauty and always looked the part. 
·       As a child you don’t go around bragging about your parents, but I know that whenever I was with them I felt a certain level of confidence and satisfaction at who my parents were.  They never acted as if they were better than anyone else, but I am sure proud of who they were.  They stood out not only for their good looks, but more importantly for their humbleness and kindness.
Since my mother and father divorced when I was young, and I was raised by my mother, I dedicated my life to being obedient to my mother, and making her life as easy as I could,  I was grateful for her love, and for never abandoning her children when the going got tough.  By my accomplishments I wanted to show her that her sacrifices were all worthwhile.  I learned from her that when things get tough, that’s the time when your true character comes out, and shines or not.

To this day I dedicate my life to be like my parents, and lead my family by the example they gave me.  The best is yet to come….

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