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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Simple Appreciated Pleasures

Simple Appreciated Pleasures
There is a lot to be said for life’s simple pleasures.  When you finally retire and you can establish a calendar schedule on your on terms, you have arrived.  For what seems a lifetime, you are pulled in every which direction, by forces not of your making.  Early on there is college classes, the term paper, the graduation celebration, followed by the arrival of the children etc., etc.  We haven’t even touched on career demands yet.
When my babies were of middle school age, at one point or another each called on me to take time from work, so I could volunteer to chaperone for a field trip, or other school projects.  Being a great negotiator, I made my best deals.  I told them that I would take time from work but that sometime in the future, after I retired, I would be calling them at work to ask for some of their time to play golf, or attend a sporting event out of town.  At the time they all agreed, and now it’s payback time.
I usually play golf with one of my sons every other week, and share breakfast or lunch at least once a month.  I travel to the big city twice a month to have breakfast with one of my sons or he comes to our turf for the day.  My youngest daughter and her family come over regularly to catch a pay per view sporting event with us around once every two months and more regular visits just to sit down and chat.  My youngest son brings his two daughters to visit regularly, because our whole house is a playground indoor and outdoor.  During the just ended Summer school break the granddaughters spent many afternoons swimming in the backyard or just running through the sprinklers.
My oldest son and his family just confirmed his plans to travel across the state to spend Thanksgiving 2013 with us.  He brings his beautiful family that includes 3 granddaughters and 1 great grandson.  My first born daughter, and my fourth born son and I are in the process of firming up travel plans to visit the happiest place on earth at Southern California, other resorts will be visited as well.  For the first time ever there won’t be anyone under the age of 33 on this trip.  My beautiful wife would join us, unfortunately she is still a member of the work force, and will hold the fort until our return.
I also have some retired friends that play golf and we get out about once a week at least.  We also share a breakfast or lunch regularly, and occasionally visit the practice range for target practice.  Now that I’ve put it all on black and white, I may have to return to work so I can get some rest.  Here is another simple pleasure, I still find the time to work on the book I am writing, and to continue to feed this blog.  The best is yet to come…..

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