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Monday, September 23, 2013

Partner In Crime

Theo aka Daddy Big Bucks
Do you have a four-legged friend that means the world to you?  I hope so, because there’s no better feeling than to know what unconditional love is.  His name is Theo, and he gets professional grooming more often than I do.  He is a great looking Toy Poodle that like all Poodles doesn’t shed.  He is a 10 pound muscle bound little guard dog.  He senses when someone pulls up to our driveway or approaches our front door.  He might not be big enough and physical enough to literally protect my life, but he gives me more than enough warning for me to protect both of us.  With Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson Theo and I can stand back to back and take on the world.  This little guy is so special to me that I hope, that if one of us has to part this earth, I hope I go first so won’t have to miss him.
I buy puppy pads for him for overnight so he won’t have any accidents, and I often get criticized because I maintain an inventory of as many as three boxes of three hundred count each.  Same with his food and treats, I tend to overdo it with the stocking of inventory.  That part is not because I spoil him, after all he doesn’t even know where I keep the stash, but merely because like everything else the product always runs out at the most inopportune time.
Of all the members of our large family he definitely has his favorites.  He loves my daughter and her husband, one of my sons and his wife are also definitely favored, other than that he hangs out with me when we have company.  He is always happiest when he is near me inside or outside the house.  I recently went away on a vacation to Southern California, and he missed me terribly.  My wife told me that whenever she returned home from work he would stay near the door expecting me to come through the door at any moment.  At night he would lay down facing the bedroom door as if knowing that I should be coming home at any time.
My vacation’s purpose was to visit and otherwise stay in close touch with the California branch of the Family Tree, while there I fulfilled a couple of Bucket List items (see Post dated February 11, 2013 ).  While the getaway was relaxing and fun, I missed my family back home and my partner in crime.
Theo Does Christmas
My wife, children and grandchildren understand that I was going away and coming back by a certain day, but all Theo knows is that I come home every day and he can take that to the bank.  Unfortunately he hates to travel by any means other than his own four-legged power.  The only time he gets in the car is when he goes to get groomed or to the veterinarian, and he trembles the whole way.  I sit him next to me to make it easier on him, but it only helps so much. I go out of my way to schedule some play time in the back yard or put on his leash so we can go for a walk to the park (he loves that).  Everyone in the family knows Theo very well, and they are aware that he is my baby, and they have to play nice with him.  He is loved by all. He definitely even gets wrapped presents at Christmas and dresses for the occasion.  The best is yet to come….

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