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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Worst Weather vs. Better Communications

Worst Weather Extremes 

North America — and the USA in particular — has the world's wildest weather extremes: No other part of the planet can boast its ferocious weather stew of hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, floods, wildfires, blizzards, heat waves and cold snaps.
"You'd be hard-pressed to find another patch of land on Earth the size of the USA that boasts such a variety of such intensely extreme weather inside its borders," says meteorologist and author Robert Henson of Boulder, Colo. - USA Today

I hope everyone is concerned about the weather phenomenon taking place in Middle America.  Today’s weather reports are a repeat of recent weeks and months.  Severe storm warnings for an area from Southern Texas through Oklahoma City, Kansas City and tracking to the Northeastern portion of the country.  The forecast includes tornados, hurricanes, wind, rain, and snow blizzards.  High winds in California and out of control fires.  All of this stormy weather is taking place at the end of May and into the summer months.

Is it possible that this has been the case all along through many years, but we just weren’t as aware because communications weren’t as good as they are today?  Not too many years ago “El Nino, and La Nina, is what I used to call my children at home.  Today those terms are synonymous with extreme, and unnatural weather changes.

If we take the time to look into the weather history (data) it will show that the weather has become erratic and almost unpredictable.  Something is affecting the weather in an abnormal way, it could well be what we are doing to our planet (global warming) or not.  We still have the ability to make decisions that can help keep our loved ones out of harm’s way.  Many years ago President Reagan while speaking on the subject of unemployment said that citizens could vote with their feet; meaning that they could move to areas of more or better opportunity.  I happen to think that lives, and property destruction trump (are more important than even) employment.

If the weather was to slowly or abruptly start following a pattern of change for the worst in my area, I would do my best to move out of the way and influence my loved one to move to a safer environment.  I realize that not everyone can do this, however, in order to be here tomorrow we need to survive today’s events.  More simply stated you can’t fight tomorrow if you don’t survive today.

I don’t know what the answer is to our horrible patterns of destructive weather, the study of the subject needs to become a priority.  I am only making reference to lives being disrupted, but we also need to be concerned for the disruption of crops and industries that will eventually affect millions of citizens, and society in general.  I pray that everyone especially in areas affected will stay safe and won’t take unnecessary chances.  The best is yet to come….

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