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Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Love Like No Other

Tribute to A Best Friend by an Unknown Author

Sunlight streams through window pane

unto a spot on the floor...
then I remember,
it's where you used to lie,

but now you are no more.
 It was supposed to be just another day at the mall. My wife was shopping for clothes for our little ones. If there's one thing my wife knows how to do is shop for clothes for the children. She walked into one of the large department stores and left me in charge of the children with very basic instructions. Don't let them out of your sight, and don't go near the Pet Store. I am very good at following directions with regard to the children's safety, but on this particular day I let my guard down.

As we were walking past the Pet Store, I thought it would be fun to just walk in and let the children see the kitties and doggies. Let this be a lesson to everyone and anyone that has children of any age, don't go near a pet shop and unless you have a pocket full of money. The very nice young lady that approached us as we enter the store asked my two year old daughter specifically, and the other children in general, if they wanted to see something real cute and cuddly. The young woman handed my daughter a two month old registered Pekingese male puppy.

My daughter would not return that puppy or otherwise turn him lose. My wife walked into the store just as I was finalizing the transaction. Four hundred ninety-two dollars, plus other costs for supplies, and I was literally going to be sleeping in the dog house. I was in trouble in my wife's eyes, but a hero with my children. My daughter named him Teddy, and Teddy went on to become the center of our universe. That little guy was so spoiled that he wouldn't eat unless my daughter hand fed him at every meal.

The years went by real fast, and my two year old daughter grew in what seemed like overnight. Teddy was there for every grade of school as she progressed through. She would always come home from school and go directly to spend time with Teddy. Teddy was even a part of every one of my children's show and tell at their school. Teddy would get groomed regularly and come home with a ribbon on top of his little head.  He was the pride and joy of our family and the best friend my daughter ever had all the way through her second year of college.

My sons were also and intricate part of Teddy's life, and they loved and appreciated him like an equal member of the family that he was. Teddy lived with us for all but two months of his life, Teddy's fur was a blond color, so in appearance he never aged, but I could tell he was aging by his walk. I have some regrets from Teddy's years with us because I was so busy that I didn't spend enough quality time with him. Even though I was usually the one that drove him to the groomer, or the veterinarian, I still suffer from guilt. Teddy went to doggie heaven 8 and a half years ago and I still carry his dog tag in my key chain in order to honor him. We all miss him and think and talk about him regularly. The best is yet to come….

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