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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Quantum Jumping

The Infinite You
Have you ever missed someone you loved so much that you though you could transport yourself to where they were and see them even if they couldn’t see you?  On a few occasions when I was 8 years old I thought I might have achieved it.
My sister was 7 years older than me and I loved her dearly.  Typical of an older sibling she could mistreat me (take advantage of me), or even hurt my feelings at times. However, no one else should ever try to hurt me because my biggest defender would come to my rescue like a lightning bolt.
The kind of abuse I am talking about is that after mother left for work, she would tell me that mother left me a list of chores to do (washing dishes, sweeping, making the beds etc., etc.), in fact mother had given my sister instructions to get those things done (but she managed to assign me the chores).   I didn’t realize it than but it turned out to be great training for dealing with life in later years.
My big sister was a real strong willed young lady, and countered my mother’s guidance at every opportunity.  She was very loving but determined to have things her way.  In retrospect she and my mother were very similar in personality traits.  Unfortunately for my sister mother had the advantage.  All was well, until one of my mother’s bosses’ sons began to show an interest in my sister who was only 15 at the time.  My mother decided that if my sister wouldn’t openly reject his advances she would have to go live with grandma (mother’s mother).  So that was the beginning of a separation that would last the rest of our lives.  Off to Mexico my sister went, she wasn’t as upset as I expected.  I’m sure that her thinking was that she was getting away from the evil mother that all she wanted to do was look out for her wellbeing.
For the next few month after the separation, I was actually sick with worry at not knowing what was going on with my sister.  Back than even diligently corresponding by regular mail required two to three weeks, unlike today with texting, and Facebook.  Just think about the process involved; you had to buy paper and pencil, an envelope, and postage stamp, and then get it to the post office.  I can actually imagine the mail sack traveling on the back of a turtle across the land and then across the border to the opposite country.
One clear and moonlit night, I was looking at the stars, and enjoying the sight of the moon in the sky, when it occurred to me that my sister might be looking at the same moon.  I tried to concentrate and send her a message with my mind, but I never felt the sensation of receiving any response.  That night as I prepared to go to bed I began to think about my grandmother’s house and what room my sister would be sleeping in.  I told my subconscious mind that as soon as I would fall asleep, my spirit would leave my body, and fly through space the 415 mile distance to where my sister was and that I would check up on her.  In my sleep, I actually looked back at my bed and saw my body sleeping as I went out the window, and could imagine the city streets below, as I made my way south.  To make a long story short, I arrived and could hear dogs barking at nothing in particular (I imagined that they sensed my presence).  I entered my grandmother’s house through the front door and made my way to my sister’s room where she was fast asleep.  I felt relieved that she was apparently content, and healthy looking.  Not being held in some dungeon chained to a wall as I often imagined.
I returned to my house before daylight, and rejoined my sleeping body.  Not until I was eating breakfast did I feel a sense of relief knowing that my sister was fine and happy.  I went over that same ritual four more times during the next 6 months, and then just as quickly as I had initiated the quantum jumping, it stopped.  My sister went on to get married, and she and her husband had 12 children, we never again lived together under the same roof.  My sister and her husband remained married until her death in 2009. I miss her, but I will see her again someday.
I’ve tried as an adult to quantum jump while I sleep, but I haven’t been able to duplicate my early efforts.  Perhaps the mind is too cluttered, nearing overload, and I lost the ability to control my subconscious mind or maybe it just takes a young mind.  The best is yet to come….

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