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Monday, May 27, 2013

Recurring Nightmares

Dark and cold basement

Recurring dreams indicate that the dreamer is postponing an important obligation. This obligation is related to his or her psychological development. By postponing this important obligation, the dreamer will have to face bitter consequences in the future. 

The truth is that all recurring dreams indicate danger, even when they are not nightmares. If the dreamer doesn’t do something important or necessary in his or her life, he or she will face tragic future consequences. The dreamer must follow the unconscious guidance in the dream messages in order to prevent what is bad. When the recurring dreams are nightmares, this means that the dreamer must prevent very dangerous situations.

There was a period of time in my life when as Production Manager of a large facility for a major corporation, I was not only responsible for productivity, and budget control, but also the safety of all 140 plus staff under the business roof.  My duties included over seeing two Maintenance Engineers; a title that shouldn’t be confused or compared to sanitation Engineer titles, used for the purpose of allocating a better salary by labor management.  My Maintenance Engineers actually studied the Plant’s needs present and future, and developed concepts and solution to conceived problems.  They developed plans for the size of the steam boiler necessary to meet the needs based on the heat and steam pressure demands of all the equipment included in the daily needs of the operation.  They also designed the plumbing and electrical supply needed to meet the demands of the operation.  To be fair and not overly pad my position, these engineers belong to a much larger group based out of headquarters.  They were, however, based in the facility that I managed and reported to me for their assignments.

I was constantly being reminded by this fine gentlemen about the importance of maintaining the boiler proper water levels, and the timely use of chemicals used to maintain certain chemical balance requirements for safe operation.  The water used to maintain boiler water level was also from a special source that was processed through a water softener system as required by the proper operating instructions.  I was further reminded, that if ever the low level water alarm system was ringing and there was no visible water level showing, the boiler was to be turned off and safety valves popped open to release steam pressure ASAP and allow the boiler to cool down.  Failing to take this precautions could cause the boiler to blow up (this might have been an exaggeration), and I was told that if the boiler blew it would level or damage a four square block area.

Having shared the above information, I can now share that in early May 1968, my life was almost as great as it is today (it’s even better today without the youthfulness).  Not a care in the world, I had everything I wanted, a very good paying job, my supply of muscle cars (trading every year), decently happy home life with a beautiful little daughter that was my pride and joy.  I wore a uniform made up of dress slacks, dress shirt and tie, provided by the corporation (so I know the following statement to be fact) my measurements (uniform size requirements) were very similar to what they are today with a minor exception; then my pants waist size was 29 inch and the chest size was 42 inch, the minor exception is that those sizes are very likely turned around (kidding, but getting there if I am not careful).

All of a sudden and out of nowhere I started waking up to nightmares in the middle of the night.  The nightmare was always the same; in my nightmare I just moved into a new (older house) house, two story with a basement.  The electrical panel was in the basement.  Just as I was about to relax for the evening in front of the television set, the lights would flicker and then go off, creating total darkness.  I would look in the dark for a flashlight and make my way to the basement door.  As soon as I walked approximately half way down the stairs, my flashlight would go dark, and the basement door would slam shut.  The room starts turning cold, and I had the sense that someone or something was approaching me in the dark.  I knew by instinct that whatever it was, it was evil and meant to hurt me.  The next post will conclude Recurring Nightmares.  The best is yet to come…

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