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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Father and Son Reunited 5

No Brainer!!!

California Dreaming

After a very nice (unexpected) 7 year reunion over dinner, my mother and stepfather said their goodbyes, and were directed by my father to a nice motel, where they could spend the night.  I drove my father’s car as I guided them to the motel’s location.  My mother rode with me, and I had my first chance to ask her how they made the decision to make such a long trip.  She told me that she had a sixth sense that I might not make the right decision about returning home.  She also asked me how soon I could get ready to start the trip back home.  She explained that I wasn’t old enough to start on my own, and that my father had other responsibilities, whereas I was her only priority.

The most confusing (emotional) part of the evening is when my father gave my mother a hug as they parted company, and he told her how happy he was to see that she was healthy and happy.  The scene was one that I had prayed for 7 years earlier as my family was being splintered.  My mother had extended her hand to shake hands goodbye, but he went for the embrace in front of her husband and his wife.  Following that demonstration of love and caring everybody embraced.  I remember thinking how brave and cool my father was.

I explained to my mother that I had work responsibilities and could not just up and leave.  She in turn reminded me that school started the following week, and that we had a two day ride to get back home.  She also reminded me that many of my school friends had been calling, and dropping by the house asking about me.  My father was waiting up for me when I got back home from taking my mother to the motel.  He still couldn’t believe that my mother had come down to get me.  He admitted that he thought we were out of her reach, and had plenty of time to make our decision, but wasn’t totally surprised by her resolve.  I asked father to give me the jewelry and property deed he had stored for me so I could show them to my mother over dinner the following day. 

When I arrived to pick up my mother and stepfather for dinner, I decided to show them my gifts from my father before heading for the restaurant.  As they looked on, I was beaming with pride as I showed off my expensive jewelry, and especially the deed for the house in Mexicali.  I expected my mother to be jealous that she couldn’t afford to give me such extravagant gifts.  Instead she told me to return them to him.  I asked why, and her response was that he had a young family that would have more need for the money that those expensive gifts could bring.  For a split second I considered telling her that I would not go back home with them, but my mind thought back to the many years that she worked hard to support me and buy me things more valuable than a handful of expensive jewelry.  I decided to show my love and respect for the woman that didn’t abandon me when the going got tough.

This would be a significant year, for many reasons, not all pleasant.  I returned to my routine slowly, football and wrestling season occupied my mind when I wasn’t daydreaming about the life I temporarily experienced for the summer.  Still seemed like a dream that I had met and lived with my father and his family. My mother was especially happy that she got her way, and I was back home.  I never told her about the decision I almost made to stay in California.  Three months later, after our return home, President Kennedy was assassinated (see Post; Killing Kennedy 2/21/2013).  The best is yet to come….

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