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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Many Happy Returns

Many Happy Returns

Day after Christmas is a very busy time for all retailers (brick and mortar or online).  Most people place a lot of thought and special consideration into gift giving, but a large percentage of people feel the need to return and exchange gifts.
In my whole life I have returned one gift, and it was for the sake of economics, and not for any other reason.  My wife and had been married two years, and she gave me a black jacket that I absolutely loved.  However, when we visited the mall on the first shopping day after Christmas, we noticed the big sign that read “Buy One and Get One Free.”  We went home immediately, and picked up the jacket so I could return it (yes, we had the receipt).  We walked into the store separately, and as I was returning the one jacket, she was buying two for the price of one.  I had for the longest time one black and one brown jacket that lasted me for the longest time.
As the memories come back to me, I still wish I had a jacket, like the ones I got for Christmas that year.  The reason that I always hang on to my gifts is simple, GRATITUDE!  Someone thought enough of me to give me a gift.  I feel that I would be disrespectful if I returned a gift that someone took the trouble to get for me.  A few years back I had a friend (won’t mention any names) that gave me a box of chocolates every year on behalf of his company, for Christmas.  I so enjoyed those chocolates (not cheap) that I decided to start buying the same product, and giving it to my good but less personal friends.  Personal to me, means someone with whom I am very familiar with, such as knowing their likes and dislikes.  This chocolates were a quality product that could be enjoyed by the whole family or circle of friends.
I know people, friends, and relatives that will return for exchange a gift almost every time.  I’ve often asked my wife to just give these people a gift card so they can get their own gift.  My wife, however, insists on putting in the time and effort of locating a gift specific to the person.  There is a saying that, “It’s better to give, than to receive,” and the older I get the truer it is.
My wife and I are blessed enough that we can get each other (within reason) whatever we want all through the year.  This year beside the special gifts that I always wish for: Good health, the love of my family, the happiness, and well-being of my children and their children, and all the other blessings that the good Lord provides, my one special gift is a retro game system.  I hope that you also had a very enjoyable Christmas, my wish for all my readers is for good health, shelter over your heads, and a happy and loving family.  The best is yet to come….

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