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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Head Above The Clouds

Head Above The Clouds
Any one following this Blog from the start knows that I live in the Northwest by design.  I love having the four mellow season every year.  The summers are perfect and so are the other three seasons.  There are no sinkholes, large earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, or monsoon type rains with flash floods.  What we do have is more than our fair share of cloudy skies and foggy morning at certain times of the year.
Some people suffer from a lack of natural light, and we are talking serious depression here. Others avoid the problem by investing in equipment that recreate natural light illumination. Then there are those like me that are not often affected by lack of sunlight.
A few years back (within the last 10 years), we went through an extra-long period of gray skies that stretched from early fall into almost early spring (with winter sandwiched in-between). I remember that toward the end of that period of time I was at my rope’s end and looking at weather charts to see how far south I would have to travel to get some sunlight. 
After I figured I would have to drive about a thousand miles south to almost Central California, I started to check my schedule for an open weekend.  I couldn’t see the clear schedule any time soon, and I must admit I was beginning to panic.  When I finally found the open weekend I booked a three day trip to Southern California.
To my surprise as soon as the airliner lifted off the ground and within minutes we pierced through the cloud layer and there it was the magnificent warm sun.  Of course I knew this all along, but the lack of direct sunlight for so long had affected my brain and kept me from reasoning.  As common sense as it sounds, what good can it possibly do to rationalize that the sun is just the other side of the clouds if you never get to see it.
That reasoning makes as much sense as knowing that there is plenty of money in circulation, but somehow it doesn’t get to my bank account.  I don’t know how much this information will help you, but if you get to where you get desperate for nice warm sunlight, just take it from me, it’s close by.
Drive or get on a plane and go chase it.  It will do your state of mind lots of good.  It does me, and while you are at it take your golf clubs (if you are an enthusiast) and get in a little practice.  The best is yet to come…

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