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Saturday, December 7, 2013

About Gift Giving

About Gift Giving

As usual this is one man’s humble opinion, if you don’t agree, I am perfectly fine with it.  Regarding Santa, well, that is a tricky subject to go to.  However, if you are going to discredit Santa. Than you are going to have to be fair, and discredit, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc., etc., oh and don’t forget the Boogey Man.  If all good things go, than the bad ones have to go too.

I always had my children believe in the magical things like Santa and the others for as long as they could do it without getting embarrassed in front of their friends.  I have actually seen children as young as five years old be told by their parents that there is no Santa.  I managed to put doubt in some children’s minds by playing Santa without their knowledge.

Children and adults both need to have hope in their lives, after all sometimes hope is the only thing left that we can hang on to.  As long as we have hope we are likely to hang on longer on the chance that what we desire is out of view but within grasp.  I was lucky growing up, I never had a bad Christmas.  Just one time I almost did but I hung on to hope and at approximately 9:30 Christmas Eve (I was already in bed and asleep) Santa came through for me.  In this instance Santa was my uncle Ramon (Spanish spelling).  Read the post: posted June 26, 2013 “Unexpected Best Christmas,”

With regard to gift giving, the ideal would be that you could give quality time (of your own time) to your children, and family, plus some gifts whether purchased by you or provided by Santa (wink, wink).  If you don’t have the resources do as some of our relatives did during tough times, and create gifts with your own hands.  Nothing says I love you like something made from your own efforts, and skills.  I know that I could make my children happy by buying a small ball and playing catch with them.  I have previously said that I’ve always worked hard, and admit that I’ve always considered myself blessed beyond what I might deserve.  Having said that my children always have enjoyed my time in combination with whatever toys Santa brought them.

For many years Christmas day’s most popular gifts were small plastic guns that would shoot styro foam projectiles with suction cups for a tip.  After opening all the gifts we would spend hours playing war between two teams (the benefit of having a large family).  Amongst the rules was no aiming above the shoulders, we would turn off all the lights and each team leader had a flash light, and definitely no hiding behind mommy or grandma.  The tradition could make a re-appearance with the grandchildren, if I can get theirs mommy’s permissions.  The fun factor was that daddy was playing GI Joe right alongside of them.

I realize that raising kids today is so much tougher thanks to television and the internet.  Kids are so exposed to the outside world and their expectations are many times beyond that of my children growing up.  I wish all of my readers the best, and a healthy and happy holiday season.  The best is yet to come….

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