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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

About Falling In Love

About Falling In Love
·       Real love is not based on romance, candle light dinner and walks along the beach. In fact, is based on respect, compromise, care and trust.
·       Love does not need a reason. Pure love will come from the heart without reason and it’ll stay every season.
·       Love is not who you can see yourself with. It is who you can’t see yourself without.
·       It’s so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.
·       Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only by heart.
·       Everybody knows how to love but few people know how to stay in love with one person forever.
·       It takes a strong heart to LOVE but it takes an even stronger heart to LOVE after its been BROKEN.
·       I love it when I see old couples in love because it makes me believe that TRUE LOVE does exist.
·       Once you care about a person, it’s impossible to be logical about them anymore.
You would know if you have ever been in love or truly loved someone.  That’s where the old saying about floating on “Cloud 9” comes from.  I can tell you from first-hand experience on at least two handfuls of times when I have fallen in deep love.  Stop smirking and hear the rest of the post.  When I fell in love with my beautiful wife I coasted a couple of days before I realized what had happened.  Two weeks earlier I had enjoyed lunch with my dear mother, and she had asked me to please settle down with some nice person that could share my life with me.  I remember my response distinctly.  I said that I had only been divorced for 3 years and at least another 15 years would pass before I would make such a commitment.
Two weeks after I met my wife and very close to one month since I had enjoyed lunch and uttered my proclamation of bachelorhood to my mother, we dropped by to introduce my mother to her new daughter in-law.  All our children grown up with families of their own, and many years later, I am willing to bet that our marriage is going to work out (just joking; I’m pretty sure she plans to keep me).
When I fell in love with my wife, I started working harder, whenever I could concentrate, mostly to make the time go by faster.  Eating became a secondary, and a far removed thought.  I didn’t know if she felt the same way about me, but I knew that I preferred to live with her than without her.  By the way, I have always felt that way and I still do.  Life has been a real blessing for us, and now we have the grandchildren to keep us young.  The first two weeks of knowing my wife were a blur, in that I don’t really remember how things developed.  I worked at one college as a counselor, and she was enrolled at a different college about 50 miles away.  We probably saw each other a total of five times from meeting to getting married.
As far as the other couple of handfuls that I fell deeply in love; I can only say that I would have to use two handfuls to count all my children and grandchildren’s births, and at every one of those events I was on cloud nine, and lost my appetite for a few days.  I can’t adequately describe it to you, you have to experience it.  The best is yet to come….

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