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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Famous Car Chase Scenes

Bullitt starring Steve McQueen 1968
I have lived long enough to have seen many great car chase scenes in movies and even driven in a few myself on city streets, back in the day when I thought I was indestructible.  To be honest I have raced motorcycles, and cars, in Figure 8 Track, Oval Track, and Quarter mile eliminations, I have also raced Go-Carts with dual carburetors that burned Nitro for fuel.  So I have taken many a risk (safely of course), and the proof is that I am still in one piece.

 A new franchise of big screen movies (the Fast and the Furious) have come along and captured the imagination of teenagers and young adults.  However, when it comes to my generation, I know that we have seen better, at a time when we didn’t have all the technical and digital technology, where you can’t always be sure of what exactly you just witnessed.

I will only give you two great examples to consider; 
  • Disputably the best is the chase scene from Bullitt, a Ford Mustang Fastback, against a Dodge Charger. A movie with Steve McQueen 1968.
  • The second is the chase scene from the French Connection.  A 1971 thriller film, starred Gene Hackman, Fernando Rey and Roy Scheider
Scene From French Connection 

Do you have any other car chase scenes you can think of? 

·       Fast & Furious films: When "The Fast and the Furious" premiered in 2001, it was considered a dangerous movie to promote, given its gritty portrayal of illegal street racing. But as the sixth entry in the series hits the screen May 24, the Fast & Furious franchise has shed any sense of subcultural grit. F&F films are pure Hollywood action, with cars soaring through thin air, exploding out of planes and barely dodging shells from opportunistic tanks.

·       The pyrotechnics are half the appeal. The other half is the cars themselves — models that range from the ultra-obscure to the heartbreakingly iconic. Here are our 10 favorites: five from previous releases and five from the new film.- By Erik Sofge of MSN Autos

Two totally different styles of chase scenes, with very different types of cars, but definitely similar in the excitement they create.  Do you have any other car chase scenes you can think of?  The best is yet to come….

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