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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Road Trip Adventures

·       Today, modern road tripping is a fast growing hobby, and not just a means of vacationing. Groups dedicated to the art of the road trip, known either as professional road trippers or road enthusiasts, are becoming prevalent online.

·       Road tripping, to some, has indeed become an art. Road enthusiasts frequently debate on proper gear, attire, and electronics.

·       Other frequent debates include type of road trip (a ‘moseying’ road trip vs. a set schedule), use of in-vehicle DVD players to pacify young passengers, and, to a lesser extent, destinations.

Our Chariot of Choice
My wife and I enjoy taking a road trip, where it’s just the two of us, and we can decide to let each other ride in silence while listening to music, or enjoy a relaxing conversation.  We definitely never take a road trip so we can discuss problems or otherwise negative subjects.  I am usually in charge of preparing the music for the road.  In today’s wonderful world of digital music it’s a pleasure to take that particular task on.  I always make sure that the music is fairly equal in selection (her favorites, my favorites, and our favorites).  If by chance our grandchildren go along on a trip, than the effort is to get enough Educational and entertaining  DVD’s, and/or Apps for the iPads to keep them occupied.  They get to wear head phones so we can listen to our music.

My wife’s and my taste in music, is very similar, and when slightly different we still tolerate whatever that difference may be.  On a recent trip of ten hours (roundtrip) I prepared a thumb drive with over 500 songs and we never got to listen to all the songs.  Our music taste runs the gamut from Willie Nelson (On the Road Again), Beach Boys (Wouldn’t It Be Nice), Carrie Underwood, Julio Iglesias, and Pitbull, and everything else in between.  I can’t leave out a sprinkling of Tex-Mex.

On our most recent road trip we had a perfect experience except for a slight traffic bottle neck near the end of the trip; we traveled 60 miles in 3 hours, but I couldn’t have asked for better company.  I had my sweetheart with me and great music to keep us from getting frustrated.  We also planned ahead and had with us a small ice chest with ice cold water, and some soft drinks, plus cold fruit.

To Love Somebody-Michael Buble
I’ve never been in such bad traffic, and in such great and joyous spirit.  The best is yet to come….

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