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Monday, July 29, 2013

Taking Care of Business

Taking Care of Business
Most people are happy to just be in the place where they are in life.  Not much excitement in a seeming boring day.  They get up in the morning get ready for work, kiss the wife and kids goodbye and off they go.  They put in their day at work and go home, to spend time with the family, and start the cycle all over.  That is the average life; and then there are the people that don’t have even that because they perhaps lost their jobs in the bad economy.  On the extreme of the life spectrum there are the people that find themselves through some talent and a lot of luck, with a multi-million dollar contract in one of the following; NFL/NBA/MLB or perhaps a hit song on Youtube.
I’m sure you have heard of easy come, easy go, some people’s fame and fortune is only the proverbial 15 minutes of fame.  Personally, I would prefer the above described boring life, with an opportunity to work at improving it.  Many people who are given the opportunity for apparent overnight success, waste it by abusing the privilege.  Some examples are: abusing growth enhancing hormones, steroids, alcohol, prescription drugs, etc., etc.  Some rock stars, and sports figures start hanging out with movie stars, and dating sometimes marrying other like celebrity types, or groupies.
Every opportunity I’ve ever had in life, I’ve used my monetary gains, or other life advantages to help my family.  Some (not all) of the overnight successes all of a sudden get a bad case of amnesia, and act like they hatched out of an egg, forgetting the poor parents that struggled to get them a start in life.
If humbleness and gratitude ever comes back into style, our society will have a better chance of surviving the obvious decline that we are fast headed for. It seems that our system of checks and balances is starting to make a comeback, and finally some sports stars are being held accountable.  It has however, gone so far out as to have some abusers believe that they can get away with murder, drug use, assaults, and cheating.  I’m sure that I don’t have to mention any names, because all you have to do is turn on the news, and plenty of examples will come flooding at you (such as Lance Armstrong).
Let’s help our children to raise our grandchildren, with the strength and convictions of Humbleness, Gratitude, and Positive Attitude.  The best is yet to come…

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