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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Past Regrets


Car Photos: '56 Ford Victoria, '63 Impala SS, '66 Thunderbird, '66 Sport Fury, '68 AMX, '67 Fairlane GTA,  '69 Super Bee 

It takes a very self-assured personality to go public with past mistakes, and regrets.  Especially mistakes that you admit you wish you could take back.  That kind of thinking reminds me of the movie franchise series “Back to the Future.”  If you could go back in time and change things you did, according to prevailing theory, you would be changing your life and the life of others, especially the end results (present).  God forbid I go back in time and keep a car I once sold and end up at present time married to Cindy Crawford or worst Bo Derek.  Ok, I agree that wouldn’t happen, and I’ve said before, I want to be exactly where I am today (very happy).

I have wondered before what kind of a fortune I would have if I had not squandered all the opportunities that I actually held in my hands, or in this case drove around in.  The pictures of cars that I am showing on this post are car models that I actually purchased, and enjoyed driving when I had them in my possession.  Back in those years when those cars were on the street new, you actually got noticed and even look of envy.

No two cars were alike, even when they were produced by the same manufacturer such as Ford and Mercury, or Chevrolet, and Buick, etc.  Today you can hardly tell if you are next to a Hyundai or Honda, Toyota or Nissan.  All of today’s cars look similarly shaped and color.  You can pull up to stop light and nobody takes a second look your way even if you are driving an SUV because even they look similar.

Now for the rationale:  you must have known it was coming; it’s almost like the rest of the story.  When I went through my life at those early stages (and I suppose everyone else did too) I felt like I needed to live my life for the immediate satisfaction (pleasure), I never stop to consider anything beyond the question, can I afford the payment?  As much as I enjoyed every one of those vehicles, I was always looking forward to the next one.

In retrospect, I’ve considered what if I could have kept them?  The truth is that today I could afford to be a collector, back then I could only afford one at a time.  I usually traded my beautiful collector cars before they were even fully paid for.  So the truth is, if I do have a regret it’s that I didn’t learn to make serious money until later in life, that I didn’t buy Yahoo or Google stock back when I should have.

This is the truth and speaking of value, you can take it to the bank; I have no regrets, I would still go back in time but only to see the beautiful people that are no longer around, and that I miss terribly, but I wouldn’t change anything.  The best is yet to come….

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