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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bucket List Minus #6

 #6.  I will go target shooting at a firing range.

Amazing experience!  I realize that many people (probably in the millions) are members of shooting ranges, and are involved regularly in the experience of shooting weapons for fun and sport.  Again I remind you that I share this experience for those of you that haven’t done it ever or for a long time.  Rick the Range Master is a Certified Trainer in the area of law enforcement, and also has NRA Certification.  I have many friends that are well mannered (all my friends) patient (not all my friends), and respectful (generally).  Rick definitely embodies all three qualities plus professional.  He spent about 20 to 30 minutes with me going over the rules of the club, the etiquette, safety and handling of the guns. 

He explained that the range operates under two conditions; Hot Condition, and Cold Condition.  Hot condition is when everyone is able to discharge their weapons at the targets, and go about the business of using the range for the purpose that it exists.  Cold Condition is for example when a member needs to change targets; the Range Master goes down the line to all the participants to warn each individual that we are operating under Cold condition.  Under Cold Condition everyone is to place their weapon in a safety position, remove the clip and stand away from it, so as to avoid any accidental discharge.

When I scheduled the visit to the range with my wonderful friend Mike, I didn’t know what to expect, and I was only doing it to meet my commitment to the blog and my Bucket List item #6.  As we drove the hour plus roundtrip I kept telling myself that I would fire 10 or 20 rounds, and return home.  I used a 22 Caliber Rugger, and a 9 MM handgun.  My friend Mike provided the weapons and ammunition, he actually planned on using all 600 rounds he took with him.  I chose not to take advantage of the situation and only fired about 250 rounds.

 I was amazed by my performance because not having a military or law enforcement background or even hunting exposure; I haven’t fired a weapon in probably 45 years.  Once upon a time I carried a concealed weapon with permit for my business; fortunately, I never had to pull it out of its holster.  My friend and the Range Master gave me Kudos for my performance. I will enjoy the experience for a week or so before I will have to go again for the fun of it.  I hope that the rest of my Bucket List is as fun and fulfilling as item #6. 

I want to encourage anyone that has had an interest in learning how to handle a weapon, or needs a quick refresher course in safety, to consider doing what I did.  Having an expert standing next to you, walking you through the process is so very reassuring, and makes for a great positive experience.  I loved it!!!  The best is yet to come….

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