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Friday, March 22, 2013

American Bandstand to Radio

American Bandstand 

 Someone once said to me that you can’t miss what you never had.  It didn’t make a lot sense than but looking back it makes all the sense in the world.  You can’t see what you missed out on until you can see the whole picture.

Imagine if kids today all of sudden lost the use of their iPods, iPhones and other devices that allow them to hear music, and play videos where ever they are without needing to be plugged in to electricity.  Imagine now how different our generation would have been if we had been able to take American Bandstand or Soul Train on the road or to school with us.  Further imagine a world today where you could only listen to the latest music releases from radio stations.  Beyond that think of a radio stations on air time, actually controlled by how much time they are on the air (even a 24 hour station).  Now priorities have to be made as to who gets air time. 

Today’s recording artists get exposure through the internet (unlimited), Pandora, and YouTube just to mention a few.  Anyone can self-promote a recording, or video.  The Technological Advances have made our present lifestyle of excess (glut) possible.  Sports stars, get way overpaid for what they do, likewise rock stars, and it follows that we pay too much to catch a live sports event or concert. Paparazzi get way over paid for the pictures they capture sometimes illegally, again it follows that we pay too much for magazine publications, and cable television.  

I don’t wish for a second that things had been different growing up.  I was happy with my three TV stations (ABC, CBS, and NBC rabbit ears and all), one or two strong radio stations, and if you stayed up late at night under perfect atmospheric conditions I could pick up Wolfman Jack from Rosarito Baja California.

I often hear my wife telling the granddaughters, you get what you get when you get it and don’t make a fuss.  That sentiment applies to life in general regarding history.  I do wish I could change some things going on in today’s society, but I’m afraid my grandchildren will have that for an assignment. Don’t get me wrong, I am willing to help unfortunately it’s a mighty big ship and it doesn’t turn on a dime.

We could benefit from some things in our past like the 9 pm reminder as part of the network’s identification on the hour, “it’s 9 o’clock, do you know where your children are?”  The best is yet to come….


  1. I totally agree to this post, People now days wouldn't know how to live today without IPods, and IPads ...These kids are way over weight bc they don't have enough exercise ...When I was younger we weren't allowed to come in the house and stay, we had to go outside and play until suppertime , then we ate and took our baths and got ready for bed at a certain time....I also remember on TV or radio "It's 9 O'clock do you know where your children are "? We had a curfew , and now days the kids stay up with the adults !!! What happened to our society ?