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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No Place Like Home 4

Texas Bound

Earlier posts of “There is No Place Like Home, No Place Like Home 2, and No Place Like Home 3” were posted on March 22nd, March 24th and April 30th respectively.  
My mother went from being a married woman (stay at home housewife) in a loving marriage that lasted 13 years, to being on her own, and head of household.  As if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, she had a young son and a teenage daughter.  She had only been in the USA less than two years, and understood but didn’t speak English. We were legal residents, but that was the only plus on her side, besides her desire to persevere, and triumph.  Triumph she did, I can attest to that. 
My mother was able to keep the dream alive.  The dream to make the move to the USA, a move for a better future for her son and daughter.  You can’t imagine how many times I offered to drop out of school to help her out, but she wouldn’t hear of it.  I held many part time jobs after school and I handed all my earnings to her.  She would always give me a spending allowance, but even then I learned to save from my allowance.  Growing up I learned the following jobs; I worked the concession stand at a theater, I learned to operate the projection room at the same theater, I learned to perform auto body work, and paint, and prior to 6th grade I maintained a B+ grade average (I improved the grade average after that).  All I ever did then and all I ever do now is to make my mother and my family proud.
The following is an excerpt from my book (I am presently writing: working title "East Lincoln")
I've always known that my mother was a very strong woman, but it amazes me as an adult to think of the strength that it must have taken for my mother to walk into the unknown, and away from the love of her life. Only time and actions would prove that my father was really the love of my mother's life.
The bus ride to Texas seemed to go on forever, and I must have spent the whole time thinking of what my life was like, and how I wished that I could bring my parents back together.  Upon arrival my mother rented a hotel room while she looked for a house to rent. She had planned ahead enough to have the money necessary for a new start. For a woman that I always knew to have been pampered and taken care of, she seemed in control, and definitely in charge of her own destiny. My sister and I began to look to and expect direction from our mother. She had turned into mother and father to us. If she had any fears or doubt we never saw any signs of it.

Everyone always commented that I resemble my father very much, having said that, I count my blessings that my mother always loved my father. Life could have been pretty tough for me if the opposite were true. My mother always loved me unconditionally; at least if it means that in her eyes I could do no wrong. I returned that love by showing her respect and helping with home chores, not being an unnecessary burden to her. I always worked hard in school, did my homework, respected my elders and in fact I was a typical Boy Scout.
Since my mother didn't have much of a formal education or training, she relied on her work ethic, and common sense mostly to do well in the jobs she held. Her jobs include food processing plants, factories, and waitressing at restaurants mostly. All her hard work was because of her love and devotion to her children. Personally speaking I couldn't do enough to show her how much she was appreciated.   My mother continues to be loved, honored, respected and appreciated. My behavior in private and public is still influenced by my love and respect for my mother. I miss her very much especially as Mother's Day approaches. The best is yet to come...

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