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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Age Perspective 7

When I'm 64
I wanted to show I had balls at age 60. Just because society says I'm old, doesn't mean that I am. I'm pursuing happiness, even if it makes the people around me unhappy. - Sylvester Stallone
Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many. - Anonymous   
Be kind to your kids, they'll choose your nursing home one day. – Anonymous
There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will have truly defeated age. - Sofia Loren
If you are nearing 60, or have been 60 for a while, minimally you should be thankful that you’ve reached the landmark age.  Personally I’d like to think that I am 40 with twenty plus years’ experience.  I’ve said it many times before, I don’t want to be at any other age in life, or even living any part of my life over, because I am blessed, and can’t imagine giving up any of the riches that I have.
Amongst my riches I include my health, wealth, family, and mental acuity, and definitely not in that order.  I am blessed with longevity in my family genes, I have relatives that died in their 90’s, and not from old age but rather complications from surgery that shouldn’t have killed them.  I realize that not everyone is as fortunate, and that there are health complications that come from turning 60 and beyond.  Some may have gotten caught up in the financial disaster of 2008 and since then.  If this is your case I sympathize, but don’t throw in the towel.  You are alive and amongst your family for a reason, make the most of it.
I am now spending more time with my grandchildren, then I was able to spend with my own little ones.  The reason was obvious for me and all of you that raised a family.  We had to provide for those good looking kids that we brought into the world.  Provide we did, I got my babies all their needs and many of their wants.  Today I am able to spoil their children.  As one of my favorite songs says, I’m not as good as I was once, but…  Well, I can’t run a foot race of any length, but I can run and catch a purse thief if I had to.  What I do with him, once I catch up might require some help from my friends Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson, but at least I have that too.
My friend Joe L. use to say (at age 82) any day I don’t read my name in the Obituaries has the promise of being a great day.  I plan not to use that saying until I get into my 80’s.  Any of us in the landmark age of 60, need to be happy to be able to attend family events, and should be involved in helping with the scheduling of reunions, birthdays, and anniversary celebrations.  I am very involved in Family Genealogy, and interviewing older members of the family to pick their brains while they still remember significant names and events.
Thanks to the Internet and Digital Technology, we at this age can still be involved in developing businesses, for ourselves or helping our younger family members with research.  We can now, take time to take computer classes for fun or profit at community colleges.  I am by no means discounting all of the members of this age group that are still required to punch the work clock, for financial or insurance reasons.  I retired early for two reasons
  • Most important I was eligible to retire early with all the benefits that I had coming, and
  • Secondly, I lost my tolerance for BS and micro-management at the office.
I believe that stress will affect you if you are not in a happy environment, and/or you will have it out with the boss, if he or she disrespects your many years of dedication, loyal contribution and experience.  The biggest reward besides financial compensation is the quality time to spend on projects of your choosing, and family time.

Two fine examples, of people in their mid-60 are Sylvester Stallone, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Some of my friends have said that they are not good role models because they used steroids, and growth hormones.  I beg to disagree; if those two mentioned supplements are bad for the body (and I believe they are) shouldn’t they be in bad shape (due to the effects of abuse).  I do believe that some of us secretly envy the builds (body condition) at the landmark age of 65 and 66.  I have taken good care of my body, and wouldn’t consider any type of supplements to enhance what I’ve been issued.  This posting on Age Perspective will be the end of the 7 post series.  The best is yet to come…

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