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Monday, June 8, 2015

Guilty Until Otherwise Proven 2

Guilty Until Otherwise Proven 2

This post is part 2 to: Guilty Until Otherwise Proven Posted 6/07/2015.

As I entered the principal’s office, I still had no clue for why I was there.  I must admit that my initial reaction was the relief that it wasn’t a uniformed police officer or a detective waiting to interview me.  Not that I was aware of any wrong doing on my part, but I suppose it’s human nature to think of the worst possible scenario. I instantly searched my mind for the connection between me and the Johnson family or their children.  The Johnsons had 4 children with Brandy being the oldest (a junior in high school), her brother Johnny was next in line (a sophomore in high school). The other children were still in elementary school (both girls).  Mr. Johnson owned a fairly large farm, approximately 4,000 acres give or take, their crops were beets, potatoes, and pepper mint, and a large herd of cattle. 

The town where I grew up had a population of under 5,000, and everybody knows everybody.  I was friends with Johnny Johnson and visited their farm not regularly but every once in a while, I didn’t have his sister in my sights because truth be told I didn’t think she was within my range.  She was the daughter of a wealthy farmer, and I was ambitious and a hard worker, but a worker just the same.  I had my admirers at school and in town, but I never felt that she was one of them, no reason, just didn’t think so. 

I don’t mind admitting that my visits to Johnny Johnson’s house in part might have been to catch a glimpse of his beautiful blonde blue eyed sister.  I used to pick up Johnny during hunting season and walk through some farm land looking for Pheasants.  Johnny’s father was always cordial to me and once asked me to come work for him during summer vacation from high school.  I told him that I would consider the offer, but I never gave it a second thought because my step-father was the general foreman at the 10,000 plus acre farm where I worked (and I got paid well with supervisory responsibilities).

Due to my friendship with the family it was natural that I shake their hand the minute I came into their presence in the principal’s office, especially not knowing the reason for the meeting.  The principal closed the door and broke the ice the minute he sat on his chair behind the desk.  I am glad to see that everyone is acquainted was his ice-breaker.

He next addressed me:  I am sure that you are wandering why you are here.  Brandy has explained to her mother that she is pregnant and you are the father!  Mixed emotions ran through my body and mind.  My mind was trying to intake the information, while attempting to formulate a proper responds without calling her a liar.  At the same time I could feel the weakness in my legs even though I was sitting down.  Confusion ran rampant in my mind, on the one hand I wanted to say “I wish!”  On the other hand I wasn’t raised to be disrespectful.  I had never in my wildest dreams even thought of stealing a kiss from her, but to be the father of her unborn child, “WOW!”
Mr. Johnson spoke up next and saved me the trouble of having to respond.  I don’t know why he said what he did next, but in retrospect they were a very religious family, and while I won’t mention the religion by name, this type of reaction was not unheard off.  To every one’s surprise especially Brandy’s and mine the following was his statement (I’m pretty sure, word for word): “The two of you have brought shame to our family, you are to immediately move out of State preferably to Oregon, and not return until the child is born and the two of you are married.  I have $3000.00 dollars for you, and a car that should give you a chance to get established.  We will cover your medical cost, but that is all.  You have 24 hours to say your goodbyes.”

Saved my crown and wings (but barely)

I didn’t even get a chance to react.  When Brandy heard what the punishment was, she confessed that the father of the unborn child was a 20 year old hired hand at her father’s farm.  She apologized to me with tears of regret in her eyes.  She had used me because she was afraid that her father would fire her boyfriend, and maybe even hurt him physically.  I hope she thought that her father had more consideration for me because of whatever reason, and not that she wanted me hurt.  As most of my life has gone so did this incident, within a matter of an hour both my nightmare and possible dream (money/car/good looking girl) all came to a sudden stop.

I remember asking Johnny about his sister on a couple of occasions during the summer, and he told me that his mother was working on mending the relationship, but than just like that I forgot about it.  My reputation and ego both recovered and even improved if that’s possible.  The man above had better plans for me: a gorgeous wife and large happy family!  The best is yet to come………..


  1. You are very lucky on this one she could have ruined your life if the "truth" did otr come out!

    1. Regardless of possible outcome (happy or otherwise), the outcome of not ending up where I am today would have been a tragic loss. I can't imagine not being surrounded by my present family and friends.