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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monday Morning-Quarterbacking


  • One who second-guesses
  • From a fan's usually critical rehashing of the weekend football game strategy.  First Known Use: 1932
  • Someone who criticizes from hindsight.
  • Professional football games in the United States are often played on Sundays.
  • A person who analyzes the mistakes they made the day after they've made them. Derived from complaining over quarterbacks on Monday morning after the Sunday game.  Frank's complaining about what he should've done on his date last night like a Monday morning quarterback.
Similar to the idiom:  Hindsight is 20/20.  

What a wonderful superpower it could be to poses hindsight.  Imagine a handful of things that you could do that would improve your life, and the life of others.  If you could look back at your life (day, month, year or lifetime) as it could turned out and then go back to the start and do it different based on the preview (hindsight).  Your life would be perfect because you would be able to prevent the actions that would otherwise create negative outcomes.  Some examples might be seeing how your life turned out by the age of sixty.  You might see yourself in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank by your side because of a lifetime of cigarette addiction.  You could go back to your youth and decide not to get started on the smoking habit.  The same example could be applied to an addiction of alcoholism or maybe even an unhealthy eating habit.

On a shorter preview of say one hour.  You have a doctor appointment at 9 am and your car gets t-boned by a careless driver who runs a red traffic light at an intersection at exactly 8:40 am.  Using hindsight you go back to the start of the trip and decide to leave earlier, later or cancel the appointment altogether and avoid the accident.  If you start to see where I’m going you might agree that this ability would really be a super power.

There are many great uses for this type of ability like using it for the good of mankind.  As an example to prevent a crime or a terrorist act, can you imagine how many lives you could save?  One selfish use of this power that at least 90% of people would contemplate is knowing what the winning numbers to say Powerball will be and going back and purchasing those numbers.  Even knowing the outcome of say the Super Bowl and then going back and placing a large bet on the winning team.

There isn't such power available of course, but there is a similar ability that comes close (unfortunately it can only be applied to some of the above mentioned examples), yet only a very select few poses it.  It’s widely known as Common Sense.  You can’t look into the future and then go back and make changes, or can you?

Study your surroundings for things that most affect you, such as health, wealth, and Happiness (not necessarily in that order).  Your family is a good starting point since you share so many similarities through genetics.  Things to look for or at:  look at your father and grandfather’s life and see what made them great (or not).  You will be able to see the good and bad habits and outcomes.  Hard work can make for stability (ability to provide), education (preparation) makes for a better lifetime of economic success.  The ancestors habits and priorities will begin to formulate a look back at what your life could turn out like.

A careful look will disclose that most mistakes in the world have already been made by someone, so a good habit would be to learn from them, and not to duplicate them.  Another good thing to remember is that it’s not possible to make the same mistake twice.  Only the first time is a mistake, the second time and beyond is on purpose and with full knowledge of the likely outcome.  The best is yet to come……..

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