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Saturday, January 17, 2015

For Better or Worst (A Society of Laws)

For Better or Worst (A Society of Laws)

Most recently the subject of governing laws (rules) came into my life once again.  Every so often the subject comes up unexpectedly, if for no other reason, because we are a society of laws.  As the best example I can think of very four year we have presidential elections and that is a big example of how we have, not only the right but more importantly the responsibility to take part in the process.  After all the Commander in Chief is the head of our government, and will actively or passively will affect what new laws are passed or focused on.  It seems that every president comes to the position of power with a preconceived agenda.  Most often it’s that agenda (campaign promises) that get them elected or not.

The party that the presidential candidate represents will have very strong influence on the president’s platform.  This blog is not about politics, and if I am not careful it will get away from me.  So I will now carefully get back to the main topic.  For better or worst.
Earlier in our lives the laws were not as all-encompassing as they are today.  The biggest reason for the basis of that statement is that our family heads (moms and dads) use to exercise more control and vigilance over our own immediate families and responsibilities. As an example I don’t remember the local policeman ever brining me home because of curfew violation.  I knew what time I was supposed to be home, and I arrived with plenty of time.
I was also aware that if I misbehaved in school my teacher would have a conversation with my mom and or dad or both, and I would have to pay the price (punishment doled out by my parents).  I attended Catholic School and the teachers (nuns) exercised corporal punishment (the board of education was made out of real wood).  Believe you me, if I ever got a swat or two or three swats at school I knew better than to go home and complain, because I may just get seconds at home.

Less rules (laws) were needed back then because in the 50’s and even up until the 70’s most homes were made up of one working parent, and the other parent got to stay home and manage the family.  I know that today it sounds weird, but believe me, it makes a big difference whether the children are being raised by a parent or a daycare.  Unfortunately, with the high cost of everything in our economic challenging times, unless a couple wins the lotto they will never experience the pleasure and benefits of having one of two parents staying home to manage the family.  It’s not unusual in today’s economy to have a $200 plus cell phone or TV/cable bill. Those level of services are not necessary but for the most part they are a reality.

The average transaction price for a new vehicle set a record of $31,252 in August, according to  My parents bought a brand new 4 door Ford Custom, as loaded as it came, right off of the showroom floor for under $3,000.00.  The payments were around $28 per month. We’ve come a long way baby.

The rules that inspired this post have to do with managing our neighborhood development.  We are at a crossroad (after 20 plus years) where maintenance costs are almost prohibitive.  So the question is; do we, individually as home owners, increase the membership dues to cover the cost (we are talking about tripling the annual fees) or dissolve the association, and fend for ourselves.  Sounds easy enough but consider the issues recently handled by the association board; Neighbors (most likely tenants not owners) trying to raise goats and chickens (in their backyards), abandoned cars on the streets, vandalism, lawns not maintained, disputes between neighbors, etc.,, etc..  I say quadruple the fees and build up a reserve.  Just sometimes rules are necessary.  The next post will deal with the cost of oil prices.  The best is yet to come….

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